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paralympics inspiration

Watching the news on the winning of our Malaysian Paralympics really awakens my thoughts. how awesome are they that despite their limitations, they are still able to achieve their dreams? they work hard, train hard, have good support system, believe in themselves,  and Allah grant their wish.
they prove that nothing is impossible. their winning gives us hopes. them, the so called orang kurang upaya, give me hope.

you know Amna has a little bit of weakness on her left limb, kan.  she was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, but only because it involved brain injury at less than 2year old. it was a really really really mild cp.  Alhamdulillah her condition only affected her motor skills on her left limb. her cognitive skills are normal. in fact, she is a fast learner.
she has improved a lot. but i can still see that she walks, runs, jumps,  differently than the others. and every time i see that, my heart aches. i wish we can trade places.  let me walk, run, jump differently.
Knowing today th…

i am not a minion

I had to attend a 3 days course for training under the insurance company.  it was a compulsory course, so i really had no choice. 
unfortunately, the 1st day that i attended the course was also the first day Amna fell sick.  She has contracted it from Ayra, who fell sick few days earlier.  They showed the exact same symptoms: vomitting, peristently high fever and they said their neck is painful. we assumed it's the throat? we have brought Ayra to the doctor and doc diagnosed her with stomach flu. which was caused by virus. so it will eventually resolve on its own.
but it was sad that Amna had to fall sick when I wasn't around.  both my parents in law came to help with the children.  But Amna was very clingy and she only wanted to hug her Nena instead. i felt so bad for not being able to attend to her. poor girl.
the course took long hours. from 9 am till 7pm. imagine that. and it was conducted in KL, which is far far away from where i live. i had to go through massive traffic…

Old & Spine

My back hurts.

sob sob

I fell down right on my butt when I was pregnant with Amal..which was about 5 or 6 months pregnant I think. at that time. OMG it hurt so much but I couldnt do anything much about it.  I just had to bare with the pain or took PCM at most.  It hurt so bad that sometimes I cried wanting to sleep.
I could not find the best position for my own body.  I always thought it was the baby being big and all, and that pregnancy backache
was hitting its role. really guys, it was really bad.  Every turn was painful!

Come confinement, it turned out ok. finally! I thought.
fast forward 4-5 months after, the pain came again.  and this time, it brought along numbness and tingling of the right leg.  and at that time I was like, why do I feel so old. i cannot stand or walk too long.  even cooking wearies me down.  and Amal is growing up too fast, a kilo per month, and that leaves me even in more pain.  hahahahahha (but Alhamdulillah she is healthy and active)  am I aging that fast …

of 3 months away

ive been trying to steal some time to blog. i kept postponing it until it was almost 3 months later. really? 3 months just flew away?
we are done with Puasa, Raya and soon Raya Haji is coming. Puasa was the most tiring of all. that explained why i didnt have the time to blog!

if i were to grade myself for that Ramadhan, i would give myself 4 out of 10.  as the previous Ramadhan, i didnt get to perform tarawikh in surau or masjid.  i did it on my own every night. and to add the shame, 2 rakaat. i was like a drugged person immediately after magrib. not like we ate a lot.  i guess the hormones of breast feeding mom, plus taking care of 2 more. 
we had our first raya in my gramma's place in Klang. we travelled back to Terengganu on the second day. the children forgot about me when we were there. Mommy is only needed at night. or for meals.  so that left me some space to breathe. hahaha. not! dont forget the baby. 
so how is Lil' Tummy doing now? how long has it been now? almost a…

My Many Hats

I have so many hats to put on lately.

Family (Wife and Mom) Hat, Pharmacist Hat, Mumpreuner Hat, Chef Hat and.. I have an additional Hat to be worn from now on: Wealth Planner Hat a.k.a Takaful Agent Hat.

Lil'Tummy in Kosmo!

I received a call one fine Saturday evening from a lady. She said she was Kosmo. well, I didnt jump straight away. I knew she would want to ask something related to the event that we participated in. Probably how to spell my name, etc.
but then, she asked whether she could meet me.  she wanted to know more about Lil' Tummy and myself. How it started, how long have I been doing this etc.
I was like.. what? me? Lil' Tummy? i mean, we are barely breathing.hahaha  i dont have customer based, and I am actually kind of lost there somewhere. hahaha but, of course I said yes. come one, free marketing, who would in the right mind would decline kan?? (even though I am faaaaar from ready)
The reporter, Cik Zu, came the after that, i.e Sunday.  I didnt know what to expect, what to say, what to wear! i knew i had to wear black though.hahahahaha  it was all last minute. even the children got ready while the interview session happening!
It was fun. it was mostly on me, and how i started thi…

Glimpse of Glam

Remember I told you that the press were at our booth and they snapped many pictures  of us and the booth? 
Well,.......................... Lil' Tummy appeared in the paper!  We found it out tru my friend, who was that girl next to me in the picture. This was in Kosmo on last Saturday, 14.5.15.

The article didnt say much on Lil' Tummy. It was more on the event itself, which what it was all about right? But nonetheless, we were thrilled to see our faces, and our product in the news. can u see Amal's head?  Oh my Amal. you are just 2 months old, and now u r in the paper! hehhhe
I carried Amal in my 5 year old Baba Luna Sling. It was easier to breastfeed her that way. and less strain on my arms and i get to be mobile. my hands are mobile. my friend said i so look like a superwoman. u know, with the mumsprenuer and mommy thingie and all that? yup, kind of i guess?
hahaha.  any superwoman cannot do it on her own. a good support system is a must. in my case, my husband and my mo…