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The $100 Start Up: Review

 "Dear Boss, I am writing to let you know that your services are no longer required.  Thanks for everything, but I'll be doing things on my own way now."
Now, how is that for your last letter to the boss? I wished I could have written that instead! Like my aunt suggested: send in the 2nd part of the letter LOL
When I told a close client of our company that I have sent in my resignation letter, he was like: Really?? what are you going to do? better offer?
And I said No.  I just wanted to focus on my expanding family and do what I love, on my own terms.  I am done working FOR people. I want to work with others.  But I have yet to know what. 
This Chinese man then suggested me to read this book:

I love the catch up line: Fire Your Boss.  who doesnt? "It's not theoretical book like Kiyosaki and all, it is more on real life situations and examples on how to start turning what you love into money. It teaches you on how to do, the platform to do it and etc. Read it to e…