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I am in a hospital now. Amal has been warded due to high grade fever. She has been unwell for the past one week. On and Off fever, with PCM twice daily. we initially thought she was teething, since she showed no other symptoms. but we had to bring her to the hospital when she was different that one night. 
she was nursing, then she stopped. she was quiet, but awake. her breathing was like a lil bit rapid, but her eyes showed weakness.  her head was burning hot, yet her feet and hands were cold as ice. she started to tremble. her lips shook hard. 
i never seen anything like this in any of my children.
we just had to bring her to the hospital.
upon arriving, her temperature reached 40 degree celcius. imagine that!  she vomited and became so weak.
she had her blood checked and WBC was 28. it was so high! her lymphocyte was high as well: 50.
doctor suggested for her to be admitted.  it has been 2-days now and she showed no signs of improvement despite oral Augmentin given. but it has bee…

Old & Spine

My back hurts.

sob sob

I fell down right on my butt when I was pregnant with Amal..which was about 5 or 6 months pregnant I think. at that time. OMG it hurt so much but I couldnt do anything much about it.  I just had to bare with the pain or took PCM at most.  It hurt so bad that sometimes I cried wanting to sleep.
I could not find the best position for my own body.  I always thought it was the baby being big and all, and that pregnancy backache
was hitting its role. really guys, it was really bad.  Every turn was painful!

Come confinement, it turned out ok. finally! I thought.
fast forward 4-5 months after, the pain came again.  and this time, it brought along numbness and tingling of the right leg.  and at that time I was like, why do I feel so old. i cannot stand or walk too long.  even cooking wearies me down.  and Amal is growing up too fast, a kilo per month, and that leaves me even in more pain.  hahahahahha (but Alhamdulillah she is healthy and active)  am I aging that fast …

What would my pantang be without jaundice

What would my pantang be without jaundice?
Incomplete. It is like a part of the package. my package.  wuhuuu lucky me. --_--

The 2 big sisters had jaundice, so what are the chances this little one has one too? very very likely.
Not only jaundice, prolong jaundice lagi tu okeh.
So there goes my strict pantang again.  with the check ups and walking and whatnot.  Well, at least I am not totally confined in the room or the house. One way of being positive about this eh??
Ayra and Amna had prolonged jaundice. Alhamdulillah, they were only breastmilk jaundice, which is harmless. Other likely factors had been ruled out such as, UTI, liver issue, thyroid disease, etc.  Basically, prolonged jaundice is when the jaundice lasts longer than 14 days of life, in term infants. Prolonged jaundice can be due to factors such as:
Infection - eg, urinary tract infection.Hypothyroidism, hypopituitarism.Galactosaemia.Breast milk jaundice: the baby is well and the jaundice usually resolves by six weeks but occasionally c…

The Worrying Begins

There she goes.  That sweet oh so sweet girl of mine, Amna.
We are truly blessed. Alhamdulillah.. I am thankful, grateful, to Him for these gifts. Dear Allah.  U have given me soooo much and U have always been there for me.
And yet.
I am asking U for more. Off all the things that i am praying U for..  I mostly,badly ask protect my children. Protect them from evil of the world and the devils. protect them from sickness and diseases.
Amna was about 6 months old. She has started rolling then and i was estatic that she was having the same progress as her big sis when Ayra was 6m. 
I remember the day vividly as i was patting her dry after her bath. She was actively kicking and moving her right hand and leg. And the left limb remained..stiff. Not moving. I had that little voice inside of me. An alarm. But i bugged it off as i didnt want to think negatively unneccessarily.
She was kind of not well at that time. And soon she and Ayra were admitted due to bronchilitis.
I did tell the …

The Birth of Amna Nabeela

The Historic Day finally came! 3rd January 2014.
so she decided to become one of the 2014 batches. 
Alhamdulillah.. Praise to Allah. 
i have so many things to tell. words are pouring in my mind. but my hands are too slow to catch up and my eyes are constantly wandering towards my Amna.  she is currently chilling under the UV light in our room.  what? you didn't know UV is the new thing? haha

the story started on the beginning of 38th week.
i was already at unease with being pregnant at 38weeks, since Ayra was only 37 weeks. i began to feel anxious, super duper tired, excited, scared.  mixture of feelings were bottling up in me.  it was hard not to know what to expect but at the same the previous experience was kind like reminding you of what you should be expecting.
at 38 weeks check-up, Dr N said i have dilated to 2cm.  and i was happy. so, yeahh 2cm. it could not be that long to reach 4cm and so on right? but doctor said it differs.  some may take up to a week or so. it depend…

Baby in the Blue

it has been quite tiring weeks. it all started when we went for vaccination for Hub,me and Ayra.
insyaAllah, we are going for Umrah in the sacred place, Mekkah. so, as a requirement for visa application, we must be  vaccinated for meninggococcal.  however, i could not find any literature saying chilldren below two should be  vaccinated for meniggo.  Mencivax-the vaccine being used in the DEMC, is not recommended for children below 2. even the pediatricians in demc told me that it is not necessary. so, in the end, only and Hub had the Mencevax, whilst Ayra had an Influenza vaccination.
she has never ever had any trouble with vaccinations before. i mean, throughout her growing up process, with all those wajib vaccination schedule,  alhamdulillah, she has been strong all along. no fever, no body aches.
plus, alhamdulillah, i have been blessed with a healthy child all along. she has never had any runny nose, chesty cough, no flu. she is strong. i'd like to think of it as the benefit …

echo check

blogging from Ppum. trying to get her to sleep cos she needs to have echo done. to see her heart. the pressure.
in order to do echo, we need her to be calm and relax. otherwise we cannot see the heart structue and what not  really well.
but... even after a dose of chloral hydrate..

nope. still active. very very active.
ayra dearie.. selagi ayra x tido... diorg tak nak buat echo.. nanti kite balik lambat.. jam.. waaaaaaaaa

Campak Palsu, pls dont touch me again

when we woke up today, i found this all over her body, from head to toe.

it freaked me out. we were worried of dengue. with high fever and all. furthermore, her occipital lymph node is swollen (the lymph node at the back of the ear) this indicates infection.
but she didnt have any fever anymore since yesterday morning. a bit relieved. yet still worry for the rash.
so went to the nearest Paediatric clinic nearby.
the doctor confirmed it was Campak Palsu or Baby Measles or Roseola. caused by  HHV-6 virus.
she assured nothing to worry about. no need to slab on anything for her rash. it will disappear within 2-3 days.
i got back, put her to sleep and start googling. according to Mayo Clinic, it says: 'this generally mild infection is extremely common'.
according to, this disease, which also known as Sixth Disease, is characterized by high fever, followed by pink-red raised or flat rash. in Ayra's case, it's flat.
the rash appears when the fever abates. it usu…

under the weather

Bambam is not feeling well. she has been having high fever on and off. luckily i am on leave for few days so i can be home and take care of her.
she is a day away from 11 months old. throughout this 11 months of living,  she rarely falls ill. im pretty sure this is her 2nd time being ill.
i like to think she benefits from being fully breastfed baby. all the antibodies that she's been getting. proud mommy!
she has been down with fever for 4 days now. on and off we tried PCM. it didnt work. we tried Brufen. she seemed better now.
i tried tepid sponging her but she took the towel and threw it. she did that even in her sleep. pfffft. so hard. how can mommy keep her temperature down??? we tried cooling her down by letting her play with water. but she didnt want to. well, she played. but only like 5 minutes. then she wanted out.
and she is so cranky and clingy. i understood her needs for manja-manja. i mean, when we fall sick, we like to be pampered dont we.
furthermore, she doesnt wan…

sweetness banned

today was Ayra's check up at Ppum..follow up for her heart condition.. she was diagnosed with a hole in her septal wall,or arterial septal defect.. and the pressure gradient on her aortic vessel was quite higher than normal...or what is called aortic stenosis.. it wasnt bad or anything, but it was something to be alarmed about. we've had our share of tears and nightmares, but Alhamdulillah all is well..

we requested to be reffered to Ppum as they have the best peadiatric cardiologist there and our status as a government servant entitled her to be fully covered financially. if let say anything worse should happen, we are ok.

so.. again, aalhamdulillah.. upon the first few check ups there, it was confirmed that she doing well. the hole has closed. it was most probably not even a hole, but a Patent Foramen Ovale. now it is closed..but still have to monitor the gradient. the last time checked, the pressure reading went down a lot.

today basically was to see her development.. she i…

of cold and fever

have not been feeling well. so sudden. it started with sore throat then a flu. i thought it was nothing. managed to pull myself up every morning and lead a normal life.

too bad for last night. i infected ayra with my symptoms! she had fever in the middle of the night. i tried to stay away from her but she wanted her Mommy near. she likes to cuddle with me when she's going to sleep and like to bf when im around. so.. probably that's how she got it.

hubby and me could not sleep well. after giving her Paracetamol which she did not take full amount, we tepid sponged her head and body. she was not sleeping well either. merengek sbb demam.. i felt so bad. like i gave her the disease. im so sorry..

so today, took 2 hours off in the morning. still had to go to work cos there was a deadline of statistic submission that i have to submit. really2 crappy. it was so crappy that i cried. my face and body were hurting, yet i had to settle everything fast. konon rajin. huhu..

now both of us a…