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paralympics inspiration

Watching the news on the winning of our Malaysian Paralympics really awakens my thoughts. how awesome are they that despite their limitations, they are still able to achieve their dreams? they work hard, train hard, have good support system, believe in themselves,  and Allah grant their wish.
they prove that nothing is impossible. their winning gives us hopes. them, the so called orang kurang upaya, give me hope.

you know Amna has a little bit of weakness on her left limb, kan.  she was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, but only because it involved brain injury at less than 2year old. it was a really really really mild cp.  Alhamdulillah her condition only affected her motor skills on her left limb. her cognitive skills are normal. in fact, she is a fast learner.
she has improved a lot. but i can still see that she walks, runs, jumps,  differently than the others. and every time i see that, my heart aches. i wish we can trade places.  let me walk, run, jump differently.
Knowing today th…

10 nasihat untuk isteri

Azza requested that i blog about Being Me.  but i like i said, my memories do not serve me well  lately. it's sad.
i even forgot a conversation that i had with my staff in the morning when i called him in the afternoon. pathethic right?
i need more oxygen to go up there, since it's been more utilized down there!
anyhow, i am intrigued by this advice that a woman gave to her child on her wedding night.  and this advice is really good to all of us called wives.
i hope we all benefit from this.  it does makes sense as, according to Sheikh Alaa elSayed, men are more attracted to/ influenced by physical things, whereas women to emotions. that is why men are easily captured by beautiful women, and women are melted by kind hearted gestures. 

so, these are the advice that i managed to google up and copied from  Jendela Hikmah:
(i could not find the english version. if u have one, do share)

“Wahai anakku! Kalaulah wasiat ini untuk kesempurnaan adabmu, aku percaya kau telah mewarisi segala-galanya, t…

Being Me

i am now 12 weeks. 3 months alhamdulillah..
but dont worry, the nausea and vomiting are still here. but to the lesser extent. alhamdulillah.
i was able to get out of the house on Saturday and attended.. Being Me: Muslimah Empowered.

i thank Allah for letting me have the strength and means to go there and learn as much as i can in being His better servant.
i dragged my cousin, who was forced to drive.  i couldnt drive too far. i get drowsy, remember.
and i met zeti, kak fadh and sabb whilst there. sudah lama tidak berjumpa. of course, byk stories. if only i have more energy to involve more. hehe
talk about the conference,  it was very insightful and inspiring.. i really enjoyed Prof Muhaya's talk on Garment on each other. at first i tot she was going to talk about her fahsion line, the As-Sohwah. u know, fashion, garment, makes sense right? but the topic was actually about how to complete our spouse, in being  the garment for him. and him, for us.  we attract what we potray or wha…

Journey of Faith: Bringing My Baby for Umrah

Mak (mil) asked me when we were in
Masjidil Haram, while waiting for prayer: what would you tell those who wanted to bring their babies for umrah? what would your advice be?
i asnwered: go ahead. if you feel you are strong, go ahead. but do not complaint. be prepared mentally and physically cause things will not be easy. and again, dont complaint. for me, i wanted to bring Ayra. so i kept telling myself that it will be hard. but i must keep on thinking positively and believe that Allah will help me. and i truly feel He did.
Hub and i have always wanted to go for umrah ever since we got married.  on the first year of marriage, we were not ready financially. second year, i got pregnant, and alhamdulillah, 2013 is our year.
i did not want to leave Ayra behind. reason 1: ayra is still breast feeding. i would like to continue that till she's two. reason 2: mommy cannot depart from her daughter. she cant even sleep if Ayra is in the next bed.  reason 3: well. simply cannot leave her co…

Journey of Faith

alhamdulillah, praise to Allah swt. i am back from Umrah in the Holy Land.
alhamdulillah alhamdulillah thank you Allah
for giving me the chance to go to the sacred place  and perform ibadah, with Hub and Ayra.
thank you for giving me the ultimate Strength to take care of my child and still able to perform ibadah.
it was such an amazing experience. an amazing feeling, praying in Masjidil Haram and Masjid al-Nabawi. amazing.
i cannot describe the feeling.
i can simply say: Amazing
we went with my parents in law and sister in law.  and i am very thankful to Allah for letting them joining us for this meaningful umrah. without them, i dont know whether i could actually do this. i mean, with Ayra and all. they helped me a lot.

we went with TH travel. it was for about 12 days, inclusive of traveling period.  we stayed in al-safwa Royal Orchid hotel. which is soo near to masjidil haram. that enabled me to tend to Ayra when needed. and when we were in Madinah, we stayed in Movenpick, which is…


And this worldly life is not but diversion and amusement. And indeed, the home of the Hereafter - that is the [eternal] life, if only they knew.

There are times, (many times) that i wish for this and that, a bigger house; perhaps a Semi-D?,  a cooler car; perhaps a Q5 or Evoque? more and more handbags; Prada, Chanel, Dior. a luxury vacation around the world, a business class air trip instead of economy. a fancy meal at fancy restaurants, a Boogaboo for that little one, a Louboutin, Ferragamo and Tods' a Laura Ashley for the Home Sweet Home' the latest iPad, with MuiMui casing

and the list go on. it will never end.

Lately,  When i think of all the materials things i want, i start to think of the Hereafter. of Death. and then i would feel grateful. Alhamdulillah. Praise to Allah. for giving me everything.
i have a wonderful Husband, a beautiful daughter, a loving mother and father. a family. and amazing friends. i have a home, a job that i actually enjoy, a car that i can use to ge…

anak itu anugerah

Anak itu hadiah dari Allah. untuk menolong kita masuk syurga.
a child is Allah's gift to help us enter Jannah.
that's what she said during the Raising Young Khalifah seminar we joined.
(i havent fully blog about what i have learned there.)
this was said by the founder of Little Chaliph. Pn Sabariah Faridah
i was truly inspired by her words. her motivation.  her vision.
i cant recall all the input. too bad. but one thing i remember is the above statement.
a child is Allah's gift to us. but. to help us to enter Jannah. thus, how we shape, teach, provide, show our child, affect the being that  we are raising. if we raise him/her following Allah's way,  insyaAllah, Jannah is ours. if we fail to provide her/him with her/his rights as a muslim, then the right for us to enter Jannah will also be taken away.
she told us stories on how she and her husband raise their family. they raised tahfiz/tahfizah so it was kind of difficult. they dont have tv for about 5 years. and when …

Parenting style of parents of Al-Fatih

Raising Young Khalifah was amazing! i gained tons of knowledge and i am very grateful that i went there.
it was held in Tabung Haji, waaaaa. i have never been there. the dewan was so lawaaa ok! look at the stars! the change colors! and i am sooo kodi! haha

Hub and I went together, so it was really insightful for both of us. can keep reminding each other cos we are so forgetful lor!!

Jam was there too! made it so much fun!

the seminar started off with a performance by  Sham Kamikaze, Catt Ross and a guy whose name i didnt know.

the seminar was conducted by Amin from AlHijrah. i like him. sangat pandai bercakap and charismatic.

i am going to share with u about what i learnt. sharing is caring right??
 among the interesting topics covered are: Muhammad al Fatih by Ust Syaari. Pendidikan Islam kepada anak by Pn Hjh Sabariah Faridah Pembentukan Tauhid dlm anak by Ustazah Badariah Pembentukan Khalifah by Ust Hasrizal.
the first session was about Muhammad al-Fatih. it was presented by Usta…

Raising Young Khalifah

i am so excited!!!
i stumbled upon this while facebooking:

next Tuesday.
there will be my fav speakers such as
Dr Harlina, Amin from TV AlHijrah Ust Hasrizal.
and the topics! we really need those inputs!
1. Kenali Khalifah Unggul Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh - Ketahui Gaya Didikan Ibubapa Baginda. 
2. Berkongsi Pengalaman Sebenar Puan Hajah Sabariah Faridah Melahirkan Ratusan Khalifah Muda.
3. "Mama, Mana Allah?" – Tauhid, Asas Pembentukkan Hati.
4. Proses Pembentukkan Khalifah.
5. "Parent-Child Partnership" - Jalinan Emosi Dua Hala
6. Pendidikan Anak Dalam Islam.
7. Keperihatinan Ibu Bapa di Zaman Epal, Bukan Sekadar Buah.

8. Cabaran Membesarkan Khalifah Muda di Era Ladygaga.
9. Panduan Pemakanan Lazat, Berzat, Berkat.
10. Ketahui Agenda dan Fitnah Akhir Zaman.

Hub really likes Muhammad Al-Fateh, and i really need to know more about him despite  Hub telling me over and over again about the magnificent warrior.  He is such and inspiration to all mankind.
i want to be a parent who emphasizes…

Letter For My Baby (Part 1)