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the lucky one

i have never won anything gempak in my life. ever. im not so lucky like those u see winning this and that. i think these luck things just dont go my way..

however.. yesterday... i got a call...

a courier service. they wanted to make sure someone is home to receive something from Maybank. they were sending it to mom's address. so, yeah sure,send it over i said.

in my head, i was like..courier? did i buy something online that i forget? i thought i have gotten everything. im an online shopper. thank god not a addicted shopper. it's from maybank? kena saman ker? adoi...ada hutang x byr ker..i was worried.

called mom straight away to know what it is. mom opened it up. read it. bla bla bla bla yada yada yada..rm1000 into your maybank account. something to do with shopping using maybank debit card, which is what i do every time im paying. i dont use a lot of cash cos i want the treat points.

so...that's it.if this true, then i am expecting rm1k anytime soon. i think around next w…

A half day work

Mummy and i decided to follow ayah to work on this beautiful sleepy saturday morning.

We kindly regretted this decision, ayah..

We're extremely bored...

I wanna roll around n put things into my mouth but mummy wont let me because there's no place to roll.. N mummy looks so sleepy n hungry..

I dont worry about my tummy cos mummy has the milk supply i need. Hehe