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Milk Frother & His Birthday

Hub's birthday was in November and I had to crack my head thinking of what to buy. With limited money and time, I really had no idea on what.
Then I remembered that he lovesssss matcha latte.  It is his recent obsession lately.  of course, I am responsible in introducing Matcha to him. Otherwise, he sticks to coffee and tea.
We have our own matcha powder at home. The one Mom bought for us when she was travelling Japan. It is really2 good.  It's like my daily dose of antioxidant.
We have tried making our own version of Matcha Latte,  but we failed to nail it.
As i made my further investigation on how to improve the home made version of matcha latte,  I finally figured out the key: Froth your milk.
It's the bubble and creamy texture that makes latte so yummy.
So, i figured, what could be better to give him for his big day? A Milk Frother!
Not only that it will add to our kitchen essentials, but his matcha latte or any other latte can tremendously improved!
So I began search…

Of Olive Oil & Soap

Eczema has been running wild in our family. This affects especially Ayra and me.  Alhamdulillah Amna is off the hook. Thanks to her Ayah's gene.  Both of us, the eczema sufferers, cannot tolerate heat well. or dust. or seafood.  or too cold either.  It is important that the skin is kept hydrated all the time.  And Flare time is the worst.  The itchiness, redness, scratching and eventually lead to bleeding.  and eventually scaring.