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Ayra, My Letter to You when u r 4

My Dear Baby Girl Ayra Nabeeha,

You are now 4 year old girl!!! and I am so proud of every inch of u, every character of you.
You have achieved so much in this 4 years of your life...

You love going to school. even though it was hard on the first month of school. you created so many excuses.
"Mommy, kakak sakit perut." "Mommy, i dont feel well"
but as time went on, u learn to make friends and your teachers have been so patient in pulling your interest towards school.
You love your teachers and friends. You always talk about them in the most delightful ways.
You are friendly, joyful and fun.
You are independent and hardworking.
Teachers always say that you are the joy of the school. Without u, it feels empty. That goes the same to me and Ayah.
You love helping others, and Mommy too. You are our Anak Solehah..
You love arts and painting.. i have to bring pen and papers everywhere we go just for you to draw something and be creative. im glad. at least u didnt demand f…

Letter For My Baby (Part 1)