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1st Year Survival of At Home MOM

It will be my 1st year anniversary as a Work/Stay At Home Mom. Oh gosh I have a lot to share about, on what to expect, the feelings, how to cope, etc. And this will be a long one so bear with me ait?
What to expect?
Laziness/tiredness..  you call it lazy, I call it TIRED la wei.
For about the first 3 months, I felt..lazy. All I wanted to do was being lazy. But that was because I was heavily pregnant, I was in my third trimester. Hahaha that explains the laziness right? I wanted to do a lot, well at least my mind was not lazy. But the energy was mostly used by the baby in the womb.
After Amal was born, I concentrated on taking care of her, with breastfeeding and constant napping. It drained the energy out of me. I was thankful though that I didn’t have to rush in to work cause I would be sad to leave Amal behind. Just like what I felt when it was with Ayra and Amna.
Despite the perk of having to be there all the time for Amal, I was/am exhausted. All freaking time. I was lacking good …

My Many Hats

I have so many hats to put on lately.

Family (Wife and Mom) Hat, Pharmacist Hat, Mumpreuner Hat, Chef Hat and.. I have an additional Hat to be worn from now on: Wealth Planner Hat a.k.a Takaful Agent Hat.

Lil' Tummy

Not too long ago, a mommy, who was working full time in a corporate world, with all the blings and dramas, decided to quit her stressful job, and just be a mom (and of course a wife).
even though she didn't know what to do financially, she did not regret at all on her decision. 
but to make sure she is doing something for herself and to support her family, she knew she had to do something. plus, she can never sits quietly and be..still.  it's not in her DNA.
after searching high and low of what she should do, and eliminating possible things that she could do, she ended up wanting to cook. cooking and baking have always been her interest. even though she may not be the world class cook or baker, the satisfaction of doing so makes her want to do it.  she loves cooking healthy meals for her children. ever since they were small, she had always prepared their meals on her own, despite her busy schedule.  for her, children should not be fed with processed, MSG packed food at all. t…

DIY Diaper Box

One thing that occupies the time of a home maker is DIY Stuff.
I have fallen into the pool of DIYs. Like, seriously.

I have always liked these DIY stuffs, and growing up, I have always ventured into DIY my own things,  from own cards, own dolls (yup, I made my own dolls), Barbie's clothes, etc.
But.. as usual, when one grows up, one tends to drift away their hobbies due to commitments, money, jobs, people, etc..
And being a home maker now, I am using this opportunity to revisit my childhood hobby and at the same time, ensuring my home is organized.
I like things to be neat. and organized. like seriously. sometimes i think i have OCD. but nothing serious really. just a bit of OCD is good for the home ;)
One of the projects that I managed to complete despite the tiredness that  I am having at 35 weeks of pregnancy,  is.. my DIY Diaper Box.
The one u can buy from the store is really not that expensive. U can get it at RM50 plus. 
But making one is different. I get to play with m…

Home Vege Garden

Our very own Vege Raised Garden!
I decided to grow my own veges few months ago. Was inspired by few raise garden pictures that i was looking at online. impressive!
I wanted to grow my own veges simply because:
1. Cost effective. We could cut cost of veges weekly purchasing. 2. Pesticide free. I know it will be healthier and safer for my family. 3. I can help to increase the oxygen level in my community. That can be like a continous sedeqah from me.
I have started planting few vege plants previously but I didnt care too much for them that they did not go well, except for few plants which seem to be growing nicely regardless of the lack of tlc. I was busy vomiting during the first timester, hence the lack of attention to them. sob sob.
So, going into the 2nd-3rd trimester, I decided to focus more seriously on this.  i googled up on how to make our very own vege raised garden.  searched for the companion plants, which means, what plants are suitable to be planted together, next to each …

Home Maker

I thought I would have ample time to blog since I am now 'working part time' from home, and am a fulltime Home Maker.

Boy was I wrong.
It has been almost a month since the last day of me working in the corporate world. 28 days to be exact.
and only now that I can blog.
So how is my life? Hectic.