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Home Vege Garden

Our very own Vege Raised Garden!
I decided to grow my own veges few months ago. Was inspired by few raise garden pictures that i was looking at online. impressive!
I wanted to grow my own veges simply because:
1. Cost effective. We could cut cost of veges weekly purchasing. 2. Pesticide free. I know it will be healthier and safer for my family. 3. I can help to increase the oxygen level in my community. That can be like a continous sedeqah from me.
I have started planting few vege plants previously but I didnt care too much for them that they did not go well, except for few plants which seem to be growing nicely regardless of the lack of tlc. I was busy vomiting during the first timester, hence the lack of attention to them. sob sob.
So, going into the 2nd-3rd trimester, I decided to focus more seriously on this.  i googled up on how to make our very own vege raised garden.  searched for the companion plants, which means, what plants are suitable to be planted together, next to each …

Of Olive Oil & Soap

Eczema has been running wild in our family. This affects especially Ayra and me.  Alhamdulillah Amna is off the hook. Thanks to her Ayah's gene.  Both of us, the eczema sufferers, cannot tolerate heat well. or dust. or seafood.  or too cold either.  It is important that the skin is kept hydrated all the time.  And Flare time is the worst.  The itchiness, redness, scratching and eventually lead to bleeding.  and eventually scaring.