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Alumni Pharmacy 2015- Awesome!!

What a tiring 5 days holidays that we had!
To make full use of the annual leaves that i still have in hand, we decided to go back to Terengganu in between the Maal Hijrah holiday, and the Alumni Event that Pharmacy UIA was hosting over the weekend. 
I signed up to join the event. to.. explore. to..have keep updated. 
And it was a great one, I did not regret of going.
Whilst in KT, I had some ample time to figure out things i want to do while being unemployed, or working for the next big thing in life.  Managed to do few things that got me excited by having that 'light bulb' moment. I wont disclose it just yet. jinx ;)

Anyway, this post is meant to tell the awesomeness of the event held by Pharmacy UIA.  They did a good job in providing us with great inputs, activities and to keep our babies and toddlers occupied.

We reached Kuantan at about 5pm.  Man was I shocked that it turned orange. Literally orange Kuantan. Aint it a suprised that this grave issue did not come ou…

Little Yasmin

dina is Home! and so is her little sweetie pie, Yasmin
she is soo sweet just like her mommy..
we had a quick lunch at dina's place, few days before Yasmin's aqiqah.

too bad Faiezah is far far away in Terengganu. =(
and these were on her aqiqah:

she is just a cute little sweetypie, isnt she? has the look of both her mommy and daddy.
poor yasmin has to learn tolerate the hot weather in Malaysia. and her mommy too.

Uni Times!

i miss university times.
do you??
i miss the ample time that i had, the holidays that i enjoyed, the benefits of being a student. (a.k.a discounts here and there, no strict punch card)
what i miss most was the environment and friends.
i went to IIUM in Kuantan, studied in Degree Pharmacy. why i studied pharmacy? that will another long blogging day.
IIUM Kuantan was very much different from IIUM Gombak. i dont really know the environment in Gombak, only heard from people about the 'luar nampak baik, dalam senyap2 je tau'.
what i know is, IIUM kuantan is trully an experience of faith, wisdom and maturity. i can say i've met almost all kinds of people in life at a very young age. growing up in KL, i was given the chance to get to know
people from various lifestyles. when i entered IIUM Kuantan, i was in shocked. first, i had a shocked of being away from my family. i have never been apart from them. at all. so, when i had to stay about 300km away, suffice to say, i was depres…

Welcome Yasmin

one of my bestest friends, Dina has given  birth to this beautiful girl named Yasmin Athirah bt Abd Raiz.

she weighs 3.16kg. and she looks just like her Mummy.
Dina went through 2 days of labor pain. and finally,  on 29th November 2012, Yasmin decided to come out. and that was after 40 weeks plus 3 days.
which, is also the birth date of one of our bestest friend, Azza. guess, Yasmin wanted the same date as Aunt Azza.
November definitely is my Favorite Month. 16.11 Hub's Bday 24.11 Ayra's Bday 29.11 Azza's and Yasmin's Bday
and that also means it's the month that i am mostly Broke. heheheh
so, to Dina and Rye, congratulations! May she be anak yang solehah, Hamba Allah yang taat dan setia, the joy, the happiness and the cure.
Happy berpantang!

Girls' Day Out

We arranged for a ladies' day out sejak raya. it's very hard to find the time where we can just sit together and chat. monday to friday, of course working days. weekends are reserved for family. husband and child.  mother and father and grandmother. hardly any time for me to socialize anymore. Hub has his weekly time with his friends playing futsal. that leaves me really being a katak bawah kuali. and i miss my dear besties very much.
so, we took the liberty of planning ladies' day out.  too bad Jah and Dina are too far away.  otherwise, it would be chaotic.
we planned for a day off from work and went out for a date. the agenda:  chit chat the menu: main course and dessert.
we had so many choices of places to eat. since lately Ben's in on rave, we decided to have some there.
we went to Bangsar Village. (konon2 nak glamor la ni.:p) apparently Ben's in BV is not the same with Ben's in KLCC or Publika. Simaa, who has eaten in Ben's KLCC and Publika few times pr…

open house zeti

Zeti had an open house last week.
the geng from the old office were there..

met friends that i haven't seen for a long time. especially.. Sab!!

we used to spent a lot of time talking when we were in Uni. talking our hearts out. trying to figure out this creature of Allah named Men why men are like this why men are like that tried to find love and wondering who our other half. hahaha.
she is still searching. or waiting. and i know she will find someone who worth all the wait. i know i did.

we only stayed for a couple of hours. had to rush home to get some beauty sleep before i went to oncall shift.
ayra didn't sleep well at all when i was working that night. crying most of the time. poor child it is heart breaking for me how i wish i dont have to work like this.

Quickie Girlie Raya

the BFF came to my crib today for raya.
we havent met for quite some time. usually we would have an iftar together during Ramadhan, but last month was kind of full and busy that we didn't get to see each other as planned. *sigh*
i was planning to prepare something last night' but the tiredness got the best of me and i fell asleep at 9pm. well, that was my sleeping time anyway. (so not a night person)
so, when we woke up today, i had no clue of what to make. luckily Simaa was bringing sambal sotong for nasi lemak. so i had to cook nasi lemak. the nasi only. not that difficult so it was ok. She came with sambal sotong, rendang and ikan bilis. how convenient for me as the host, yeah! ;) Azza on the other hand was supposed to bring boiled eggs and timun. but she came late so we ate the nasi lemak without the egg and timun. ( we couldnt wait for her anymore because i got hungry.)

when the 3 of us met, it would be kind of difficult to stop talking and depart. but time did not perm…

An Evening at the Beach

today is another day in KT.  but today we filled it with awesome activities.
woke up early today to go to Faiezah's house.  she is staying in Kuala Berang with her husband and new son, Arief. it was the first time we visited them here, in terengganu. usually we just meet up in KL. 
Arief looked totally tembam-er than we first saw him few months ago.  way chubbier. and friendlier. he smiled and talked to us. well, baby talked. ayra was interested in his cheeks. so do i! see this:
who wouldn't ait?
we stayed there, catching up on motherhood, babyhood, fatherhood around 2 hours, then went home.. ayra was tired. the traffic was not too good. school holidays in KT is never good okay.
then later on in the evening, where the sun is shy, and the clouds are generous, we decided to play kites by the beach. yeay!!! now isn't that fun! sudah lama saya tak main layang-layang. ages!!! we went to Pantai Batu Buruk.  Ayra bought an Octopus kite. an octopus flying in the sky y'all! at…

cheesecake & crawling

it's Friday!

always the favorite day.

Albeit, the happiness will not last. have to work half day on Sunday. bo-hooo.

anyway, one good news. Dina insyaallah is expecting a baby Girl! i had a feeling she would have a girl.hehehe. hopefully everything will go well for her.. amin..

i made an Oreo cheesecake after dinner today. it's been quite a while since my last baking seasons. usually i would make a dessert that can last us a week. i like the fact that when im home, after a longggg tiring working the fridge to find..wahllaaa. a cheesecake. really makes u forget your tiring day.

last week i made sagu gula melaka. still have 2 bekas of those in the fridge. but today, i just had to add in the oreo into the fridge list. so, there it is, sitting in the fridge, settling down,and waiting for us to have a bite tomorrow.

picture will be posted soon.

btw, Ayra is crawling faster each day. and she is now in the stage of picking herself up. she fell down quite few times. bumped …

Baby Arief

baby Arief is a month today. Simaa and us family went to see Jah and baby Arief today. unfortunately i couldnt kiss him as i am a lil bit under the weather. sok sek sok sek

isnt he cute? no. he's handsome. look at that nose. so mancung. he's a copycat of the father. and a lil bit of Jah. but then again Jah and Azamani both look alike. so Arief looks like them definitely. so handsome! a very handsome looking baby..

Ayra brought him an owl teddy and a matching owl blanket. Ayra's Nena made them. Ayra has one too. so she would like Arief to have them too. and promote them to the world. hehehe. Nena is currently busy with her line KasihLarissa which carries baby clothes, blankets, teddies, etc. she sews them all on her own. so when Ayra stays with Nena during the day, she helps Nena with her works too. (yeah rite Ayra) she has a blogsite for it which i will link to when it is done..

Arief was a very good boy. he only cried when he was hungry. he was comfy sitting queitly in A…