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Qiqah Little Amal

Salam Aidiladha to all muslims in the world!
today was the second day of aidiladha. we had the Aqiqah Day for little Amal.  she is 6 months old now. and weigh approximately...8kg plus plus?  whatever her weight is, my arm hurts whenever i carry her, or breastfeed her. huhu
the little princess is now crawling all over the house. she loves putting everything she sees in her mouth. she is in the curious stage. and i am tired of saying no.  when i put that thing, she finds some other things and starts to taste them. 
she likes tasting her own arms. and she would suck it sampai keluar bunyi sedut. it is hillarious. she makes me want to taste it too.
the little princess of the day put on Ayra's dress. it was all about recycling. as long as it looks new and the baby is cute, who's asking eh? we recycled from head to toe, except the diaper.

she got a lot of angpows, and she was really eager to taste them too. it's the way she shows her appreciation. lol
and she even had a unique …

Amna's 2nd Birthday!

The cheeky girl is now 2!

cheeky 2 year old.
Man o man. she definitely has her own personality!
My Amna, the one who is very 'garang', but I believe she knows what she wants, and she will get it no matter what. Strong headed that one.
She is a fast learner. I may be guilty of comparing her milestone with her sister's, but she eventually comes out from her comfort zone and blooms.
She is very particular on things and its being or orientation.  For example, if the carpet should be laid out nicely on the floor, not folded at a corner, she makes sure it doesnt. She will help to unfold the folded corner just to make it ok.
She loves playing with water. at the sink. she has a thing with cleanliness. and washing her hands. I think it's just a reason for her to play with water. ;)
She adores her big sister. A lot.  She basically follows whatever she's doing.  Including scratching habit to fall asleep. So now, we need to scratch 2 people for them to sleep! lucky us that Ay…

Milk Frother & His Birthday

Hub's birthday was in November and I had to crack my head thinking of what to buy. With limited money and time, I really had no idea on what.
Then I remembered that he lovesssss matcha latte.  It is his recent obsession lately.  of course, I am responsible in introducing Matcha to him. Otherwise, he sticks to coffee and tea.
We have our own matcha powder at home. The one Mom bought for us when she was travelling Japan. It is really2 good.  It's like my daily dose of antioxidant.
We have tried making our own version of Matcha Latte,  but we failed to nail it.
As i made my further investigation on how to improve the home made version of matcha latte,  I finally figured out the key: Froth your milk.
It's the bubble and creamy texture that makes latte so yummy.
So, i figured, what could be better to give him for his big day? A Milk Frother!
Not only that it will add to our kitchen essentials, but his matcha latte or any other latte can tremendously improved!
So I began search…

Ayra, My Letter to You when u r 4

My Dear Baby Girl Ayra Nabeeha,

You are now 4 year old girl!!! and I am so proud of every inch of u, every character of you.
You have achieved so much in this 4 years of your life...

You love going to school. even though it was hard on the first month of school. you created so many excuses.
"Mommy, kakak sakit perut." "Mommy, i dont feel well"
but as time went on, u learn to make friends and your teachers have been so patient in pulling your interest towards school.
You love your teachers and friends. You always talk about them in the most delightful ways.
You are friendly, joyful and fun.
You are independent and hardworking.
Teachers always say that you are the joy of the school. Without u, it feels empty. That goes the same to me and Ayah.
You love helping others, and Mommy too. You are our Anak Solehah..
You love arts and painting.. i have to bring pen and papers everywhere we go just for you to draw something and be creative. im glad. at least u didnt demand f…

Ayra's 4th Birthday at LC

The little princess is now 4!! Happy Birthday my little Ayra.. 
We didnt plan for anything big due to budget issue, since i have resigned and money is kind of a crucial part of living these days..haha..  nevertheless, I want her to celebrate her birth as it is a day of celebration.  for me, for her.
so we decided to hold it at her LC. boy was she excited! she wanted her birthday theme to be Green. because she is obsessed with her sport's house color.  hahahah. that's a relieved for mommy!
and so I began planning, as usual, for her party.  i wanted more..but. less is also acceptable. after all, ukur baju di badan sendiri..
we didnt get to watch her cut the cake cos i was at work. i came a little bit late. so, here are what the teachers shared with us:

 you see how she was forcing herself to smile? she told us that she wanted to wait for us, but she didnt know how to tell the teachers. aw..that is sad.. but it's okay we told her. we'll have another one, a joint party wi…

Ayra's 1st LC Ihtifal

Ayra had her first Ihtifal (performance) this year. the 5 little caliph schools around the area gathered in Setia City Convention Centre
for the year end Ihtifal. 
Of course we were excited to see our first bundle of joy performing! It is the moment that we have been anticipating for, for the last one month.
She had been practicing on her verses and scripts on daily basis. We even rehearsed with her just to make sure she got it right.
The event started with all the children reciting their hafazan of surah-surah lazim. Then it was the turn for her school's group performance. They played a video montage of the school's activities throughout 2015.  At the end of the video, they showed a video of Ayra holding a microphone and teaching her friends the song You Are My Sunshine. and they were singing together happily. The teacher even displayed Ayra's name and her age of 4.  it was soooo sweet. I had tears running down.  It was so touching. and I was overwhelmed with happiness. …

The Capello Cut

Ayra only went once to the salon to get her hair cut. Other times were done by Barber Ayah, or Hair Stylist Mommy.
that explain her crooked bang!
But this time around, Hub insisted for me to bring her to a proper hair salon. Poor girl. We need to make her hair nice again.
(Ayah is guilty for this one, not me)
So, initially we went to Al Zahra in Seksyen 7. I went there once and their service is okay. And more importantly they are muslimah only salon. No males allowed.
But, when we went there on Deepavali, they only had 2 staffs working and 4 customers on the list, with 2 still waiting to get their hair treatment. We were told it was only 1 in line.  So we agreed. But almost half an hour of waiting, and suddenly the list increased from one to two, with Ayra being irritated for waiting for so long,  I decided to go to other places, or..worse come to worse, cut it off myself! I called Capello by Nina and they are able to make the cut once we arrive. So, without further a due, we walked …

Alumni Pharmacy 2015- Awesome!!

What a tiring 5 days holidays that we had!
To make full use of the annual leaves that i still have in hand, we decided to go back to Terengganu in between the Maal Hijrah holiday, and the Alumni Event that Pharmacy UIA was hosting over the weekend. 
I signed up to join the event. to.. explore. to..have keep updated. 
And it was a great one, I did not regret of going.
Whilst in KT, I had some ample time to figure out things i want to do while being unemployed, or working for the next big thing in life.  Managed to do few things that got me excited by having that 'light bulb' moment. I wont disclose it just yet. jinx ;)

Anyway, this post is meant to tell the awesomeness of the event held by Pharmacy UIA.  They did a good job in providing us with great inputs, activities and to keep our babies and toddlers occupied.

We reached Kuantan at about 5pm.  Man was I shocked that it turned orange. Literally orange Kuantan. Aint it a suprised that this grave issue did not come ou…