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DIY Diaper Box

One thing that occupies the time of a home maker is DIY Stuff.
I have fallen into the pool of DIYs. Like, seriously.

I have always liked these DIY stuffs, and growing up, I have always ventured into DIY my own things,  from own cards, own dolls (yup, I made my own dolls), Barbie's clothes, etc.
But.. as usual, when one grows up, one tends to drift away their hobbies due to commitments, money, jobs, people, etc..
And being a home maker now, I am using this opportunity to revisit my childhood hobby and at the same time, ensuring my home is organized.
I like things to be neat. and organized. like seriously. sometimes i think i have OCD. but nothing serious really. just a bit of OCD is good for the home ;)
One of the projects that I managed to complete despite the tiredness that  I am having at 35 weeks of pregnancy,  is.. my DIY Diaper Box.
The one u can buy from the store is really not that expensive. U can get it at RM50 plus. 
But making one is different. I get to play with m…

Ayra's 4th Birthday at LC

The little princess is now 4!! Happy Birthday my little Ayra.. 
We didnt plan for anything big due to budget issue, since i have resigned and money is kind of a crucial part of living these days..haha..  nevertheless, I want her to celebrate her birth as it is a day of celebration.  for me, for her.
so we decided to hold it at her LC. boy was she excited! she wanted her birthday theme to be Green. because she is obsessed with her sport's house color.  hahahah. that's a relieved for mommy!
and so I began planning, as usual, for her party.  i wanted more..but. less is also acceptable. after all, ukur baju di badan sendiri..
we didnt get to watch her cut the cake cos i was at work. i came a little bit late. so, here are what the teachers shared with us:

 you see how she was forcing herself to smile? she told us that she wanted to wait for us, but she didnt know how to tell the teachers. aw..that is sad.. but it's okay we told her. we'll have another one, a joint party wi…

My Kitchen Rules

i've posted something in my previous post on kitchens.
what i wanted etc for a new project.
and ive been quiet on it. 
since i am on medical leave, i can blog on this happily.
we moved in to our new house on January 2015.  the prev one was put to rent.  this was unexpected rezeki from Allah.  alhamdulillah, so many alhamdulillah.
initially, we wanted to sell it off. but my heart said no. not only that it has so many first memories and sentimental values, but i was thinking of my children and whether they can afford one in the future.  so we decided to keep it and let it become an asset. 
alhamdullilah, Allah eased our search for a good tenant. 
it has been about 8 months now and i am thankful to Allah for bringing this lovely couple to us.
so, for the kitchen project: Kitchen is the Heart of the Home
i have to make sure our kitchen is up to My standard as i will be spending a lot of time there. i cook a lot. well, daily basis.  so, having a good set up, ventilation, feel, etc is …

my girl turns TWO

she has turned big TWO!!

my little girl has grown so much. and her development is beyond those her age. im very sure of that. not because im her mother so i need to say so, but because it is true! hahahahaha she is learning so fast, absorbing so much.  she is doing things more than any 2 yo or even 2 and half yo is doing. she knows how to say no to the things that she doesnt want. which is a lot.  she is a lady of her own mind! she has a way of calling us with her hands and all. she looks just so cute.  and when she wants something, she makes u get her that thing. most of the times they were all about food. thankfully, she doesnt throw any tantrum in toy shops. somehow, she has that self control over toys.  not to bug mommy or ayah over silly things. so proud of her.
and i notice that she is a waaayyy lot calmer than most children about her age. especially when it comes to toys. including her own toys. she doesnt mind sharing, which is an important trait most kids are lacking (or sti…

Color Splash Of Ayra's 1st Birthday

So I just had to have Ayra's 1st Birthday party didnt I.
i told Hub one fine day: ok. ive made a decision.  i am organizing Ayra's very first ever birthday party, and i am going to make it as pretty as i can. i am going to do it ala Martha Stewart! U dont have to do a thing. Just help me with hanging and banging things. the rest is on me.
and Hub agreed.
so my adventure of planning my baby's first every birthday party began. i was inspired by Sabrina's daughter 1st birthday party. it was so colorful. saw it on FB. and Zeti pun campur memberi galakan and sokongan. haha
i started googling and you-tubing for Martha's artsy deco. all do-it-yourself things. click on the link and u'll see how amazing they are.
it was very hard settling on a theme. but to make My life easy, i decided on colorful deco, thus, Color Splash.
this is the result:

please ignore the messy table. that was taken during the making. i made the pom-poms following the instructions on YouTube. It is so ea…