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Of A B C D

I am intrigued by this. it got me thinking.
If I were to choose, I will definitely choose A, C and D.
Why A? Oh dear should I say why??? Of course the vomiting and nausea and the tiredness and the backache, headache, stomache. Hyperemesis is the worst! and mine did not help but to hang around until my third timester. Alhamdulillah the third pregnancy was not as bad as the first or the second. but regardless, I am forever traumatized by this. with the needles and drips. and my most important thing to carry everywhere: plastic bag. It was my BFF. heck, it replaced my handbag! I couldnt travel a lot. All i could do was curled up on my bed and sleep. and I missed eating. I craved eating. anything as long as I could eat. 2nd and 3rd pregnancy was not as bad, but it was still part of the journey. but seeing your child/children and husband being neglected was a very very bad feeling. I felt soo bad that I could not entertain them much, being a mom and a wife. really, I felt so bad.  
on the…

Dealing with Green Eye Toddlers

When you have someone new coming into your little family, aka the birth of a new baby, of course everybody would be thrilled and happy and all, including your children. But that doesnt mean they don't get jealous.  Jealousy is the difficult part to handle. As a mom.

Ayra had her fair share of green eye moments when Amna was born. She would come and snuggle with me right when I wanted to nurse her little sister back then. 
Well, same goes to Amna now.  She would come and snuggle right when Amal needs to be fed.  and sleeping time involves me patting her with one hand and the other holding Amal while trying to steady myself nursing her. and she cries a lot to lately. seeking attention ler tu..
and owh, that was nothing. 
When Hub went outstation when we were 2 weeks in confinement, I had to entertain 3 babies altogether. the most difficult part was to putting them to sleep altogether. one hand must scratch Ayra's leg, another is to Amna. while putting Amal on the lap and making…

What would my pantang be without jaundice

What would my pantang be without jaundice?
Incomplete. It is like a part of the package. my package.  wuhuuu lucky me. --_--

The 2 big sisters had jaundice, so what are the chances this little one has one too? very very likely.
Not only jaundice, prolong jaundice lagi tu okeh.
So there goes my strict pantang again.  with the check ups and walking and whatnot.  Well, at least I am not totally confined in the room or the house. One way of being positive about this eh??
Ayra and Amna had prolonged jaundice. Alhamdulillah, they were only breastmilk jaundice, which is harmless. Other likely factors had been ruled out such as, UTI, liver issue, thyroid disease, etc.  Basically, prolonged jaundice is when the jaundice lasts longer than 14 days of life, in term infants. Prolonged jaundice can be due to factors such as:
Infection - eg, urinary tract infection.Hypothyroidism, hypopituitarism.Galactosaemia.Breast milk jaundice: the baby is well and the jaundice usually resolves by six weeks but occasionally c…

Welcome little Irene

So now, my princesses will no longer be the only Anna and Elsa in my side of family. in my dad's side, they have always been the littlest ones. Ayra the first cicit, Amna the second cicit.  so, attention has always been on them (whenever we go back kampung)
now, welcoming to the familia, the little girl named Irene Arianna.
oh my.. she is sooo cute. that cheeek like a red pau.
she is bulat and chubby!
i didnt know i would be so excited to have her in my arms! i miss holding small babies i guess she weighs 3.6kg. it's nice to hold.
she belongs to my bro cousin. (cant wait to hold this little one. 4 months to go!) and it was nice to help his wife with breast feeding. i strongly believe in BF and how the first few hours of life is crucial in introducing the mother's milk to the little one. she may stumble, learning at her own pace on how to suckle, etc. but, we must not say negative things. what we say to the little one and the mother will reflect the outcome. support. sup…

6/12 Amna

Amna is now 6 month's old. 
she turned 6/12 on 3rd July, the date of our 4th Annivesary.
this post will be about my breastfeeding journey with Amna Nabeela.
Alhamdulillah, our journey together has not been difficult. Thanx to my previous experience in breastfeeding of 1 year and 10month with Ayra, this time around, it feels much lighter. 
i even taught her how to feed while lying down during my confinement because i really could not bare waking up almost every hour for her feeding needs. and yeah, she is a fast learner. 
she is like her big sister in a lot of ways. they feed almost every hour when they were tiny babies. they woke up like every 2 to 3 hours to feed. and dont get me started on the growth spurts! 
amna is more attached to me even when she is 4 months old. she has the separation anxiety too early. much much too early. her eyes would follow me every where, even if i was only going to the kitchen! and she would scream non-stop, on top of her lungs, just for me to carry…

Baby's Skin Essentials

Ayra has a very delicate skin. if not because of exclusive breastmilk, i think she could have developed eczema like her mummy. (poor mummy). that is another reason why i insist on fully breastmilk feeding. do not want her to develop eczema nor asthma which is hereditary and very common in infants. by bf, it is proven to lower the risk of the infant to develop such condition. having eczema and asthma is very very troubling. i should know. u have to have steroid and inhalers for backup. poor mummy. again.

During her first few days of life, we did not put anything on the diaper area. she was okay actually. no diaper rash what so ever. then my sister in law suggested to put Drapolene to prevent from diaper rash. and so we did. and that was a big fat mistake. her nappy area turned soooo red. i was so worried looking at it. quickly asked hubby to buy Earth Mama Angle Baby Bottom Balm. an organic product that heals napy rash. not only that, it can also heal any rashes or inflammation in oth…

From Zero to Seven

Bambam is 7 months old recently. 24.6.2012 (Dina's birthday. wohoo).
sometimes i can't wait for the time when she can do lots of things, especially walking. she is getting heavier each day! sometimes i feel the time really runs too fast.
when i first gave birth to her, during the 1st month of confinement period, i'd say, it was the hardest time of my life. even harder than popping her out of my oven. hehe. she had jaundice that seemed like it would never ever go away. (a month of jaundice okay!) the sleep deprivation, the breastfeeding issues, the sore and engorgement, the messy house and messy hair. the tiredness of going back and forth to the clinic to check her bilirubin level, the mind bugging worry why is her jaundice is sooo long. worry here and there. fuhhhh.
it was tough! 

 And now, here we are. 7 months later. it is very hard to put her on diapers! and she likes to kick her feet and babbles sounds. alhamdulillah, i am still able to provide her with breastmilk. am…