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1st Year Survival of At Home MOM

It will be my 1st year anniversary as a Work/Stay At Home Mom. Oh gosh I have a lot to share about, on what to expect, the feelings, how to cope, etc. And this will be a long one so bear with me ait?
What to expect?
Laziness/tiredness..  you call it lazy, I call it TIRED la wei.
For about the first 3 months, I felt..lazy. All I wanted to do was being lazy. But that was because I was heavily pregnant, I was in my third trimester. Hahaha that explains the laziness right? I wanted to do a lot, well at least my mind was not lazy. But the energy was mostly used by the baby in the womb.
After Amal was born, I concentrated on taking care of her, with breastfeeding and constant napping. It drained the energy out of me. I was thankful though that I didn’t have to rush in to work cause I would be sad to leave Amal behind. Just like what I felt when it was with Ayra and Amna.
Despite the perk of having to be there all the time for Amal, I was/am exhausted. All freaking time. I was lacking good …

Milk Frother & His Birthday

Hub's birthday was in November and I had to crack my head thinking of what to buy. With limited money and time, I really had no idea on what.
Then I remembered that he lovesssss matcha latte.  It is his recent obsession lately.  of course, I am responsible in introducing Matcha to him. Otherwise, he sticks to coffee and tea.
We have our own matcha powder at home. The one Mom bought for us when she was travelling Japan. It is really2 good.  It's like my daily dose of antioxidant.
We have tried making our own version of Matcha Latte,  but we failed to nail it.
As i made my further investigation on how to improve the home made version of matcha latte,  I finally figured out the key: Froth your milk.
It's the bubble and creamy texture that makes latte so yummy.
So, i figured, what could be better to give him for his big day? A Milk Frother!
Not only that it will add to our kitchen essentials, but his matcha latte or any other latte can tremendously improved!
So I began search…

Our 5th Wedding Anniversary

2015 is our 5th Year Anniversary.

it fell on Ramadhan month, so we didnt have any special plan for the night or day.
but Hub did get me a suprise suprise. 
*big grin*

i told him in the morning that i was lazy to go to work. but his response was different from the usual one. he replied: ishh tak elok..pergi la.
i was suprised. usually he would agree and support me to take EL or wateva. hahha but of course, that was just me feeling all tired and lazy. i did go anyway. 
it was Friday, and we didnt go out for lunch (it was Ramadhan). so i stayed in my room and continued finishing all due projects/ paperworks.
then i got a WhatsApp from my staffs (group WA):

so i was a bit curious. i didnt declare anything. i didnt tell anybody.
then i went down to see. if anything. i mean, of cos i didnt expect Mr Hub to actually suprised me with flowers and all. i know he's not the flower type of a person. 
then as i went to the reception, the girl told me that i have this:

i was blus…


3rd July 2013
it's our 3rd Anniversary!!!
i planned for things, but my health had taken over the day. it wasnt really that bad, but at the end of the day, i was like a flat small whale.
i wanted to have a steak at Chef Zubir's restaurant in Laman Seri,  but ended up having dinner home-cooked style.
well, alhamdulillah. at least i ate.
the morning started with a suprise. a smalll yet sweet gesture by my other half. i found two cards on the table.
'to my lovely wife' 'to my lovely mummy'
owh.. i melted. it may not be that big for you, but for me it is.
he's not that too romantic kind of guy who declares his undying love to the world, or shower me with flowers, roses and what not. he is a kind of guy who shows through gestures. like giving me a back rub, a foot massage, cooking when im too tired to do so, never stingy to buy me stuff, sms/wassap me I Love You every morning and out of the blue. so, when he suprised me with a card, it sure melted my heart.
i …

10 nasihat untuk isteri

Azza requested that i blog about Being Me.  but i like i said, my memories do not serve me well  lately. it's sad.
i even forgot a conversation that i had with my staff in the morning when i called him in the afternoon. pathethic right?
i need more oxygen to go up there, since it's been more utilized down there!
anyhow, i am intrigued by this advice that a woman gave to her child on her wedding night.  and this advice is really good to all of us called wives.
i hope we all benefit from this.  it does makes sense as, according to Sheikh Alaa elSayed, men are more attracted to/ influenced by physical things, whereas women to emotions. that is why men are easily captured by beautiful women, and women are melted by kind hearted gestures. 

so, these are the advice that i managed to google up and copied from  Jendela Hikmah:
(i could not find the english version. if u have one, do share)

“Wahai anakku! Kalaulah wasiat ini untuk kesempurnaan adabmu, aku percaya kau telah mewarisi segala-galanya, t…

a Bump in the head

Hub is too cute. hehe.
one fine day, he called me at work and said  in a very serious voice: "im at Biro. i need to go to the cosmetic centre to settle a few documents. so, i walked there and then suddenly without even me realizing, danggggg!! i walked straight into a glass door!" and he was laughing like mad.
i was laughing too and was like: "so i bet u are soo embarassed now!  were there anybody inside?  anybody saw u got knocked off by the glass door?"
 "no, i guess. i could not see. i didnt want to see. i pretended to read the letter and walked away.hahahha"
hahaha.  im still laughing.
and he wassapped me his forehead:
it was supposed to show redness but all i could see was his fair forehead. im telling u, he is way way fairer than me! luckily Ayra follows him instead of me!
and that evening, he wanted to go to Setia City Mall to buy Ayra a new pool. (cos the old one got fungus all over)
at Early Learning Centre: him: "i think we should buy her the …

the birth of Ayra Nabeeha

A sharp pain through my tummy woke me at 5a.m. The pain that made u want to pass motion. Sort of. So I woke and went to the loo. Sat on the toilet bowl and tried to do what the nature does. The pain was like a wind going wild in your tummy . Kata lain, angin. Lain macam. It felt like a storm going wild in my tummy  But no matter how I tried to pass motion, nothing came out . Macam teran kluar angin. Tapi ada lg byk angin.
It is hard to describe. The pain came like every 5 minutes. I woke Hub. Told him about the pang in my tummy. 'Abang..I think this is's food poisoning..lets go to the hospital..' It was about 6.30am. We performed our Subuh. I sat on the bed while praying. At the same time  trying to hold in the pain. I hope Allah accepts my prayer that day. Only He knows how painful it was and how difficult it was to pray in such condition. Susah okeh!
We went trying to hold in the pain and trying to walk as fast as I could with that big tummy of mine. …

Parenting style of parents of Al-Fatih

Raising Young Khalifah was amazing! i gained tons of knowledge and i am very grateful that i went there.
it was held in Tabung Haji, waaaaa. i have never been there. the dewan was so lawaaa ok! look at the stars! the change colors! and i am sooo kodi! haha

Hub and I went together, so it was really insightful for both of us. can keep reminding each other cos we are so forgetful lor!!

Jam was there too! made it so much fun!

the seminar started off with a performance by  Sham Kamikaze, Catt Ross and a guy whose name i didnt know.

the seminar was conducted by Amin from AlHijrah. i like him. sangat pandai bercakap and charismatic.

i am going to share with u about what i learnt. sharing is caring right??
 among the interesting topics covered are: Muhammad al Fatih by Ust Syaari. Pendidikan Islam kepada anak by Pn Hjh Sabariah Faridah Pembentukan Tauhid dlm anak by Ustazah Badariah Pembentukan Khalifah by Ust Hasrizal.
the first session was about Muhammad al-Fatih. it was presented by Usta…

mini album

i am currently working on a project for my little angel.
we do not have any pictures of her in the house.  at all. only our wedding pictures. i feel bad.
we have tons of her pictures! but i really dont have the time to print them out. even if have the time, it slipped off my mind every time! i am getting so forgetful.
so.. thanks to Groupon, i managed to grab the Photobook's coupon at cheaper price. hence, the project.
i've done this before. a couple of times. and both turned out perfect. one for our wedding.

and one for Mom's birthday.
i am so excited doing Ayra's first album. i sleep at 2am every night just to complete this. i cant do it during the day as Ayra is handful!
sneak preview:

28 is the number this year

14th August 2012
i turned 28 today.

i feel old. but then again, how does 28 feels like?
at times i dont think im ready to be 28. i feel like i just graduated from Uni. and life just begun. 
in a blink of an eye, here i am. years later. married to a wonderful human being. blessed with such a lovely daughter. those are joys and love of my life. I'm blessed. so much blessed.
so, 28 is great. i guess. i am here, writing.  next to my daughter and husband who are all asleep.  (hubby fell asleep at 8.30pm!) blessed. at 28, i can say, i'm blessed and grateful to Allah swt.
i have everything that i need, even though not necessarily that i want.  a loving, understanding, caring partner, a joyful daughter, a home, healthy parents, a job (even though not so much of interest), close friends, childhood friends, a car, some savings, handbags that i want (even though not all that i want i have), clothes, good food, good family, good friends. 
not everybody can have what i have.  just look at…

i like.,.

Hubby is back!! after 3 looong days of separation... (gediks, i know!)

he had to go away for kursus that he is not even in charge of. but then again, it's the gov. biasala. that typical kursus2 thingie. the wife and daughter would have followed if not because the wife had teachings and what not to do. haih...  really multitasking la this worker. ajar student from unis. im so good. just hope i dont teach ajaran sesat. kehkehkeh

that 3 days, Ayra and I stayed in Nena's house. ayra was such a good girl. no crying. no clinging too much. she seemed to be so well mannered when she's at Nena's house. unlike when she is with her parents back at home! she would go all clingy and needy. especially with her dearest Mommy. and...because of that.. i cannot do a lot of stuff. i have to wait when she's asleep to do what i need to do.

lately she is becoming more and more clingy towards me. when i had to work at night, (10pm till next morning), she would throw tantrum …

Our 2nd Anniversary

3rd July 2012

Our second anniversary. i thank Allah for giving me the chance to be in this wonderful marriage. to have met Hubby and be his wife. to be blessed with such wonderful daughter.

it was a working day, but we took off in the evening. to celebrate our anniversary. we didnt do anything extravagant. just a simple day out to Setia City Mall for a lunch date and a movie date.

we had lunch in TGIF. just the two of us. it was weird not having Bambam around. it felt quiet without her.
after a full lunch of steak (quite satisfying but ive had better..), we went for a movie. there weren't anything nice to watch. well, actually we wanted to watch Snow white and the Huntsmen, or Battleship..or Avengers..i outdated.. haha.. we just didnt have the time to watch them! it was all about that kiddo.. we rather spend our limited time with her than watching a movie. anyhow, yesterday was a movie date after quite a while. among all the listed (and limited shows) available then, we d…