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Travel Halal: Shanghai

This is my story of our Shanghai trip...

First of all, it is so different that the Shanghai you've watched in Shanghai Noon (hahaha). Shanghai today is very moving forward, and sophisticated.

You can ride the fastest bullet train in the world, from Pudong Airport to Shnaghai City. The train is called Maglev Train. We didnt get to ride on it though. We did get the chance to ride on the second fastest in China, the bullet train which took us from Shanghai to Shaoxing.

We had a local guide, so basically, transportation was included in the price as well. We were given a bus for us 12 people. Talk about the spaces and empty seats!
I think it would not be a trouble to catch public transportation as there were many and probably more efficient than ours! (lol)
We decided to hire ground agent to take us around because we have small children with us. We didnt want to hassle of getting caught in the cold of winter season and communication issues that could make it worse. Unless of…

Travel Halal: Disneyland Shanghai

Ni Hao! We just got back from a week holiday in Shanghai!

We went there with my mom, parents in law, sisters in law and her children. We were 12 altogether: 4 children, 1 baby and 7 adults. We booked out flights about a month before departure via AirAsia (what else?). December in Shanghai is winter time, so the weather was pretty cold with temperature ranging from 2-8C. That was really cold.

We bought a ground tour differently. Basically I was arranging the tentative, accommodation and guide. I found this tour guide from Mr Google: IslamiChina. They offer muslim friendly tour package across China, and also like ours, customized.

Our plan was to spend about 4 days in Shanghai and 3 days in Shaoxing. Initially Mom and I wanted to find cotton textile in Shaoxing, but that will be another story.

We reached Pudong airport around 1am. Our agent, Cici brought us to our Apartment in the city and our trip started off with Disneyland on the first day.  

I booked the apartment myself through Boo…

1st Year Survival of At Home MOM

It will be my 1st year anniversary as a Work/Stay At Home Mom. Oh gosh I have a lot to share about, on what to expect, the feelings, how to cope, etc. And this will be a long one so bear with me ait?
What to expect?
Laziness/tiredness..  you call it lazy, I call it TIRED la wei.
For about the first 3 months, I felt..lazy. All I wanted to do was being lazy. But that was because I was heavily pregnant, I was in my third trimester. Hahaha that explains the laziness right? I wanted to do a lot, well at least my mind was not lazy. But the energy was mostly used by the baby in the womb.
After Amal was born, I concentrated on taking care of her, with breastfeeding and constant napping. It drained the energy out of me. I was thankful though that I didn’t have to rush in to work cause I would be sad to leave Amal behind. Just like what I felt when it was with Ayra and Amna.
Despite the perk of having to be there all the time for Amal, I was/am exhausted. All freaking time. I was lacking good …


I am in a hospital now. Amal has been warded due to high grade fever. She has been unwell for the past one week. On and Off fever, with PCM twice daily. we initially thought she was teething, since she showed no other symptoms. but we had to bring her to the hospital when she was different that one night. 
she was nursing, then she stopped. she was quiet, but awake. her breathing was like a lil bit rapid, but her eyes showed weakness.  her head was burning hot, yet her feet and hands were cold as ice. she started to tremble. her lips shook hard. 
i never seen anything like this in any of my children.
we just had to bring her to the hospital.
upon arriving, her temperature reached 40 degree celcius. imagine that!  she vomited and became so weak.
she had her blood checked and WBC was 28. it was so high! her lymphocyte was high as well: 50.
doctor suggested for her to be admitted.  it has been 2-days now and she showed no signs of improvement despite oral Augmentin given. but it has bee…

Qiqah Little Amal

Salam Aidiladha to all muslims in the world!
today was the second day of aidiladha. we had the Aqiqah Day for little Amal.  she is 6 months old now. and weigh approximately...8kg plus plus?  whatever her weight is, my arm hurts whenever i carry her, or breastfeed her. huhu
the little princess is now crawling all over the house. she loves putting everything she sees in her mouth. she is in the curious stage. and i am tired of saying no.  when i put that thing, she finds some other things and starts to taste them. 
she likes tasting her own arms. and she would suck it sampai keluar bunyi sedut. it is hillarious. she makes me want to taste it too.
the little princess of the day put on Ayra's dress. it was all about recycling. as long as it looks new and the baby is cute, who's asking eh? we recycled from head to toe, except the diaper.

she got a lot of angpows, and she was really eager to taste them too. it's the way she shows her appreciation. lol
and she even had a unique …

of 3 months away

ive been trying to steal some time to blog. i kept postponing it until it was almost 3 months later. really? 3 months just flew away?
we are done with Puasa, Raya and soon Raya Haji is coming. Puasa was the most tiring of all. that explained why i didnt have the time to blog!

if i were to grade myself for that Ramadhan, i would give myself 4 out of 10.  as the previous Ramadhan, i didnt get to perform tarawikh in surau or masjid.  i did it on my own every night. and to add the shame, 2 rakaat. i was like a drugged person immediately after magrib. not like we ate a lot.  i guess the hormones of breast feeding mom, plus taking care of 2 more. 
we had our first raya in my gramma's place in Klang. we travelled back to Terengganu on the second day. the children forgot about me when we were there. Mommy is only needed at night. or for meals.  so that left me some space to breathe. hahaha. not! dont forget the baby. 
so how is Lil' Tummy doing now? how long has it been now? almost a…

Lil'Tummy in Kosmo!

I received a call one fine Saturday evening from a lady. She said she was Kosmo. well, I didnt jump straight away. I knew she would want to ask something related to the event that we participated in. Probably how to spell my name, etc.
but then, she asked whether she could meet me.  she wanted to know more about Lil' Tummy and myself. How it started, how long have I been doing this etc.
I was like.. what? me? Lil' Tummy? i mean, we are barely breathing.hahaha  i dont have customer based, and I am actually kind of lost there somewhere. hahaha but, of course I said yes. come one, free marketing, who would in the right mind would decline kan?? (even though I am faaaaar from ready)
The reporter, Cik Zu, came the after that, i.e Sunday.  I didnt know what to expect, what to say, what to wear! i knew i had to wear black though.hahahahaha  it was all last minute. even the children got ready while the interview session happening!
It was fun. it was mostly on me, and how i started thi…

Travel with 3

It has been a hectic week and weekend! 
It started when Hub's granny died, and we went back to KT last week. and that became our first long distance journey together all 5 of us.  adhoc journey lagi tu.
We departed at about 2am, as soon as we got the news.  Amal was kind of surprised to see yellow lights in the middle of the night.  (the street lamps), so it took her some time to get settled and finally sleep. I could not sleep soundly cos, well, I can hardly sleep whenever I am on long distance journey, especially by car. I needed to make sure Hub was not sleepy. Alhamdulilah, we arrived safely and managed to catch her funeral. I didnt know her well enough as she is really really old, but she is one of the nicest people i have ever known. such a gentle person.  i know for sure Hub loves her so much and that she has big impact on his life..
I pray that her soul be blessed and Allah protects her from seksaan kubur.
Our trip to Terengganu was really short as Hub needed to work. We …

habis pantang!

I have now completed my 6 weeks confinement.  wohoooooo!
well, to be honest, I dont feel much so liberated as I should be, or as what i felt during the 1st confinement. I have not been 'good' or obedient in following strict Malay confinement rules this time around. I have lots and lots to do, mind you the 2 other girls and a home. it is so much of difficulty being in a confinement with 3 kids.
I am glad now I can go out and watch movie, even though i need to tag Amal along. unfortunately the boobies cannot be detached. 
Amal is still a bit yellow of jaundice. but she is growing up good. she can now sleep longer hours at night.
have u ever fell asleep, deep sleep then u woke up worrying why u slept like a log and wondered whats wrong with the baby? why is she not up or crying? that's me when she doesnt wake up for milk. i go paranoid. i would feel chest to see whether she's breathing. or put my finger on her nose to feel her breathing. hahaha.  and then at that moment,…

Of A B C D

I am intrigued by this. it got me thinking.
If I were to choose, I will definitely choose A, C and D.
Why A? Oh dear should I say why??? Of course the vomiting and nausea and the tiredness and the backache, headache, stomache. Hyperemesis is the worst! and mine did not help but to hang around until my third timester. Alhamdulillah the third pregnancy was not as bad as the first or the second. but regardless, I am forever traumatized by this. with the needles and drips. and my most important thing to carry everywhere: plastic bag. It was my BFF. heck, it replaced my handbag! I couldnt travel a lot. All i could do was curled up on my bed and sleep. and I missed eating. I craved eating. anything as long as I could eat. 2nd and 3rd pregnancy was not as bad, but it was still part of the journey. but seeing your child/children and husband being neglected was a very very bad feeling. I felt soo bad that I could not entertain them much, being a mom and a wife. really, I felt so bad.  
on the…

Dealing with Green Eye Toddlers

When you have someone new coming into your little family, aka the birth of a new baby, of course everybody would be thrilled and happy and all, including your children. But that doesnt mean they don't get jealous.  Jealousy is the difficult part to handle. As a mom.

Ayra had her fair share of green eye moments when Amna was born. She would come and snuggle with me right when I wanted to nurse her little sister back then. 
Well, same goes to Amna now.  She would come and snuggle right when Amal needs to be fed.  and sleeping time involves me patting her with one hand and the other holding Amal while trying to steady myself nursing her. and she cries a lot to lately. seeking attention ler tu..
and owh, that was nothing. 
When Hub went outstation when we were 2 weeks in confinement, I had to entertain 3 babies altogether. the most difficult part was to putting them to sleep altogether. one hand must scratch Ayra's leg, another is to Amna. while putting Amal on the lap and making…

Pre Birth Short Gateaway

One of our pre-birth rituals would be to go somewhere where we can relax and enjoy before Mommy pops out and sleepless pantang session comes in.
We went to Penang prior the 1st birth. and we went to Andaman Langkawi prior to the 2nd birth. For the 3rd one, we didnt go far. we stayed really really close. Like, 15 minutes drive from home.  We went to Holiday Inn Glenmarie.
Why on earth did we do that? What happened to our so called long distance trip? Well, Hub was really really busy. He could not take days off. and the only holiday we got was the public holiday, which was Chinese New Year at that time. and for us to travel out of KL during CNY is like asking me to forever sulk and asking me to turn into a monster throughout the trip.  I dont deal with traffic jams well. I mean it. I will become irritated and moody and wanting to scream to everybody in the car. and for me to scream to my 2 daughters, who can be pretty handful during a long trip, will not be nice. And I was about 33-34 …