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1st Year Survival of At Home MOM

It will be my 1st year anniversary as a Work/Stay At Home Mom. Oh gosh I have a lot to share about, on what to expect, the feelings, how to cope, etc. And this will be a long one so bear with me ait?
What to expect?
Laziness/tiredness..  you call it lazy, I call it TIRED la wei.
For about the first 3 months, I felt..lazy. All I wanted to do was being lazy. But that was because I was heavily pregnant, I was in my third trimester. Hahaha that explains the laziness right? I wanted to do a lot, well at least my mind was not lazy. But the energy was mostly used by the baby in the womb.
After Amal was born, I concentrated on taking care of her, with breastfeeding and constant napping. It drained the energy out of me. I was thankful though that I didn’t have to rush in to work cause I would be sad to leave Amal behind. Just like what I felt when it was with Ayra and Amna.
Despite the perk of having to be there all the time for Amal, I was/am exhausted. All freaking time. I was lacking good …


I am in a hospital now. Amal has been warded due to high grade fever. She has been unwell for the past one week. On and Off fever, with PCM twice daily. we initially thought she was teething, since she showed no other symptoms. but we had to bring her to the hospital when she was different that one night. 
she was nursing, then she stopped. she was quiet, but awake. her breathing was like a lil bit rapid, but her eyes showed weakness.  her head was burning hot, yet her feet and hands were cold as ice. she started to tremble. her lips shook hard. 
i never seen anything like this in any of my children.
we just had to bring her to the hospital.
upon arriving, her temperature reached 40 degree celcius. imagine that!  she vomited and became so weak.
she had her blood checked and WBC was 28. it was so high! her lymphocyte was high as well: 50.
doctor suggested for her to be admitted.  it has been 2-days now and she showed no signs of improvement despite oral Augmentin given. but it has bee…