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Feed a baby, feed others

One of the lessons I am instilling to my children is that we must learn to give. Especially to those who are less fortunate than we are. Have empathy as that makes us human.

When I started Lil' Tummy, I was aiming in helping busy moms and dads to feed their babies with good food. As I go on, I kept on wondering, who will care enough to feed underprivileged babies with good food?

No doubt they eat, but what kind of food? porridge, the same lame porridge? what else.
Do they get to taste other yummy food, but also healthy food?

I always believe health starts from the gut. You eat good, you live good. You can be good physically, emotionally. Whole. But, if these poor children could not afford good food because of economy status, then what do we do to help? What have we done to help.

I decided then to start something good for my family, for Lil' Tummy.

We wanted our business to help others. Other than making money, our mission is to provide healthy and nutritious foods to the under…