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Qiqah Little Amal

Salam Aidiladha to all muslims in the world!

today was the second day of aidiladha. we had the Aqiqah Day for little Amal. 
she is 6 months old now. and weigh approximately...8kg plus plus?
 whatever her weight is, my arm hurts whenever i carry her, or breastfeed her.

the little princess is now crawling all over the house.
she loves putting everything she sees in her mouth.
she is in the curious stage. and i am tired of saying no. 
when i put that thing, she finds some other things and starts to taste them. 

she likes tasting her own arms. and she would suck it sampai keluar bunyi sedut.
it is hillarious. she makes me want to taste it too.

the little princess of the day put on Ayra's dress. it was all about recycling.
as long as it looks new and the baby is cute, who's asking eh?
we recycled from head to toe, except the diaper.

she got a lot of angpows, and she was really eager to taste them too.
it's the way she shows her appreciation. lol

and she even had a unique gift: a bag full of sugar. 
well, actually, she got 6 packs of sugar all together. 6kilos in total.
so she is like 6 kilo sweeter today.

i havent received anything this unique. i havent encountered this before. 
my Mak said it's an orang kampung's tradition. but she herself does not know the symbolic meaning behind it. so, as usual i turn to Mr Google, whom we know has the answers to all. 
but whoa. Mr Google does not know it all after all!
i could not tfind the symbolic meaning of sugar. it was just a gesture show gratefulness.

and we are forever grateful for that. every little things matter.

dear Amal,
mommy hope you will the coolness of our eyes and our strength 

love u Amal.


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