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of 3 months away

ive been trying to steal some time to blog. i kept postponing it until it was almost 3 months later. really? 3 months just flew away?
we are done with Puasa, Raya and soon Raya Haji is coming. Puasa was the most tiring of all. that explained why i didnt have the time to blog!

if i were to grade myself for that Ramadhan, i would give myself 4 out of 10.  as the previous Ramadhan, i didnt get to perform tarawikh in surau or masjid.  i did it on my own every night. and to add the shame, 2 rakaat. i was like a drugged person immediately after magrib. not like we ate a lot.  i guess the hormones of breast feeding mom, plus taking care of 2 more. 
we had our first raya in my gramma's place in Klang. we travelled back to Terengganu on the second day. the children forgot about me when we were there. Mommy is only needed at night. or for meals.  so that left me some space to breathe. hahaha. not! dont forget the baby. 
so how is Lil' Tummy doing now? how long has it been now? almost a…