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My Many Hats

I have so many hats to put on lately.

Family (Wife and Mom) Hat, Pharmacist Hat, Mumpreuner Hat, Chef Hat and..
I have an additional Hat to be worn from now on: Wealth Planner Hat a.k.a Takaful Agent Hat.

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Say what?? 

Ok, firstly, let me clear out the air on why I am now a takaful agent for PruBSN.

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You see, I have resigned from my so-called corporate life to focus on my family, and to discover things that I feel can benefit me in so many ways.
I was done with being under appreciated employee, busting my ass off and ended up hurting.
I was done with working under bosses who are..well,..bosses. not leaders. 
basically, I was done.
my pregnancy only helped to strengthen my decision.
I have always wanted to focus on my family more than the stresses working life: endless.

I wanted something more.
by that i mean continuous pahala, financial freedom, continuous education.
something that can give meaning to life.

Money is of course the basic life necessity. without money, u can hardly do anything!
but i dont want to be slave to money. it will never end. what would life be if it's all about the money?

I wanted something more. something I love, something i can learn, something i can contribute.

I love the idea of having my own business, but let's face it, it is not easy as A B C.
there are many steps to it, and the journey will have ups and downs.

When I wanted to do Lil' Tummy, I didnt put so much expectations, but leave it to Allah definitely. 
Tawakal, and usaha as much as i can. I wanted it cos I want somethng that can relate to what i love: cooking and children. (not cooking children ye! )
so, the journey started and Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah, it may be small, but at least He has shown me the way. I am continuing this journey. but i need something else.

whilst setting up Lil' Tummy, I stumbled upon the profession of Wealth planner from my agent.
one research to the another, i came to my long long friend, back when we were doing housemanship.
he is now an agent and he loves what he is doing.

I learnt that this gives me the flexibility in time, passive income, continuous learning and we can contribute to the society. 
it is always important to educate the society on proper wealth management and to prioritize needs. 

long story short, I passed the exams and I am now the takaful agent for PruBSN. 
Allah has eased my path.

I have my challenges though: I am not an extrovert. I am not persuasive. 
I dont know how to persuade people, I dont like to hassle people.
 and I dont know how to handle rejections. 
but looking at the positive sides, life is a challenge. I'm doing this to make myself better. to upgrade my capabilities and open up possibilities.
after all, life is dull if one keeps on sitting on the couch kan?
add some spices and herbs y'all.

I dont aim to close case. I aim to educate. really, honestly, if I didnt take the exams, (and read the books), if I didnt go the classes and discussions, I would not know the things I know now, even though we have subscribed to takaful years before. 

Takaful is just more than buying a medical card and claim.
I am wiser I guess. in that area. 
at least my family is informed with what i know.

I hope with this, I can genuinely contribute to the society and may this be my way of obtaining my goals of financial freedom, continuous pahala and life long learning.

so people, please dont run away from me!
I am still me okay.
I have always loved helping people, and if u ever need something to clarify or to ask, you can ask me. I will do my best to help.


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