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Lil' Tummy

Not too long ago, a mommy, who was working full time in a corporate world, with all the blings and dramas, decided to quit her stressful job, and just be a mom (and of course a wife).

even though she didn't know what to do financially, she did not regret at all on her decision. 

but to make sure she is doing something for herself and to support her family, she knew she had to do something. plus, she can never sits quietly and be..still. 
it's not in her DNA.

after searching high and low of what she should do, and eliminating possible things that she could do, she ended up wanting to cook.
cooking and baking have always been her interest. even though she may not be the world class cook or baker, the satisfaction of doing so makes her want to do it. 
she loves cooking healthy meals for her children. ever since they were small, she had always prepared their meals on her own, despite her busy schedule. 
for her, children should not be fed with processed, MSG packed food at all.
to be healthy, it has to start from the earliest age. 
what we feed our children will shape their eating habits, their skills, their brain.

having that passion, along with her knowledge in health industry (since she has a degree in pharmacy), she wanted to do help busy parents, who care deeply of their children's nutrition needs, to give them the best homecooked, healthy meals. 

and that is when Lil' Tummy comes. 

she started to read more and more on food and nutrition. and proper storage, suitable packaging etc. 
she designed her own label and did her own logo. 
she wanted to do something that she can call her own.
something that someday, her children will be proud of. her family will be proud of.

with the birth of Lil' Tummy, not only she means business, but deeply, she really wants children to be able to have good food. and busy parents are given the option to provide good healthy food for their children. 

her journey just began. 
she has a lot of fears. lots of doubts.
but, she has to do it. she needs to explore her capabilities, her destiny. 
she knows it will not be easy, but like what Estee Lauder said:

whenever she thought of quitting, or losing hope, or changing course, she remembers the efforts that she had put in, the faces of the ones she loved, her dreams and goals, 
then she resumes back on the road.

hopefully, Allah will ease her way, and she will finally reach her destination: all that she pictures in her mind that she has become.


i came across an advert on this moms' event on FB. it was an event held for mumpreneur, to help them showcase or market their products and help with their business.
even though my customer base was kind of nil, Hub said it will be agood platform for me to try and showcase my brand. after all, the first stage of business is on branding your product. 
it was to be held in The School Jaya One PJ. 

I didnt want to do this alone. i invited my friend along, who has a small baby boutique business online. she has been doing quite ok, but never had experience in this either. so i guess, why not we do it together? first timer experience!

the friend's pot
Lil' Tummy had its first ever booth event last week. 
it was a new experience for me. i was kind of scared. i didnt know what to expect.
i made the preparations weeks earlier, to ensure it became like what i imagined in my head.

for a new product, the first impression is very very important. 
the packaging must be appealing, must be intriguing. 
the booth set up must be unique and interesting, something that can catch the attention of passer by. 

i finally came up to this:

alhamdulillah, even though the sales we not up the roof as what i would like to be, somehow we managed to attract lots of peoples' attention. even the press, whom i didnt expect to be there as well.

mom helped me a lot. she has always been supportive, and of course Hub too!
i owe them a lot for that weekend. 
Mom, for coming with us on the first day of the 2-day event. helped me to set up the booth and manned the booth. then helped to jaga Ayra and Amna on the second day, while me and Hub went to the booth on our own. Amal of course was with me. boobies are stuck. haha
Hub, even though he is tired, he stood it out for me. he accompanied me on both days, angkat barang and be there all the time. 

this is just the beginning. I dont know how it will be.

hopefully Allah will make it easier for us. 

Ayra was so excited on this too. 
what she did on the first day there:

Amna was busy being cranky, and Amal was busy being in my sling all day.
people were amazed by her, being 2 months old, and following mommy to run her business.
well, we need to train them early right? ;)

 we have may reporters at our booth taking our pictures and Lil' Tummy. 
I honestly dont know if we will ever come out in the paper.
if we do, then.. OMG.

i will definitely share here.



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