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Lil'Tummy in Kosmo!

I received a call one fine Saturday evening from a lady. She said she was Kosmo. well, I didnt jump straight away. I knew she would want to ask something related to the event that we participated in. Probably how to spell my name, etc.
but then, she asked whether she could meet me.  she wanted to know more about Lil' Tummy and myself. How it started, how long have I been doing this etc.
I was like.. what? me? Lil' Tummy? i mean, we are barely breathing.hahaha  i dont have customer based, and I am actually kind of lost there somewhere. hahaha but, of course I said yes. come one, free marketing, who would in the right mind would decline kan?? (even though I am faaaaar from ready)
The reporter, Cik Zu, came the after that, i.e Sunday.  I didnt know what to expect, what to say, what to wear! i knew i had to wear black though.hahahahaha  it was all last minute. even the children got ready while the interview session happening!
It was fun. it was mostly on me, and how i started thi…

Glimpse of Glam

Remember I told you that the press were at our booth and they snapped many pictures  of us and the booth? 
Well,.......................... Lil' Tummy appeared in the paper!  We found it out tru my friend, who was that girl next to me in the picture. This was in Kosmo on last Saturday, 14.5.15.

The article didnt say much on Lil' Tummy. It was more on the event itself, which what it was all about right? But nonetheless, we were thrilled to see our faces, and our product in the news. can u see Amal's head?  Oh my Amal. you are just 2 months old, and now u r in the paper! hehhhe
I carried Amal in my 5 year old Baba Luna Sling. It was easier to breastfeed her that way. and less strain on my arms and i get to be mobile. my hands are mobile. my friend said i so look like a superwoman. u know, with the mumsprenuer and mommy thingie and all that? yup, kind of i guess?
hahaha.  any superwoman cannot do it on her own. a good support system is a must. in my case, my husband and my mo…

Lil' Tummy

Not too long ago, a mommy, who was working full time in a corporate world, with all the blings and dramas, decided to quit her stressful job, and just be a mom (and of course a wife).
even though she didn't know what to do financially, she did not regret at all on her decision. 
but to make sure she is doing something for herself and to support her family, she knew she had to do something. plus, she can never sits quietly and be..still.  it's not in her DNA.
after searching high and low of what she should do, and eliminating possible things that she could do, she ended up wanting to cook. cooking and baking have always been her interest. even though she may not be the world class cook or baker, the satisfaction of doing so makes her want to do it.  she loves cooking healthy meals for her children. ever since they were small, she had always prepared their meals on her own, despite her busy schedule.  for her, children should not be fed with processed, MSG packed food at all. t…

Travel with 3

It has been a hectic week and weekend! 
It started when Hub's granny died, and we went back to KT last week. and that became our first long distance journey together all 5 of us.  adhoc journey lagi tu.
We departed at about 2am, as soon as we got the news.  Amal was kind of surprised to see yellow lights in the middle of the night.  (the street lamps), so it took her some time to get settled and finally sleep. I could not sleep soundly cos, well, I can hardly sleep whenever I am on long distance journey, especially by car. I needed to make sure Hub was not sleepy. Alhamdulilah, we arrived safely and managed to catch her funeral. I didnt know her well enough as she is really really old, but she is one of the nicest people i have ever known. such a gentle person.  i know for sure Hub loves her so much and that she has big impact on his life..
I pray that her soul be blessed and Allah protects her from seksaan kubur.
Our trip to Terengganu was really short as Hub needed to work. We …