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What would my pantang be without jaundice

What would my pantang be without jaundice?
Incomplete. It is like a part of the package. my package.  wuhuuu lucky me. --_--

The 2 big sisters had jaundice, so what are the chances this little one has one too? very very likely.
Not only jaundice, prolong jaundice lagi tu okeh.
So there goes my strict pantang again.  with the check ups and walking and whatnot.  Well, at least I am not totally confined in the room or the house. One way of being positive about this eh??
Ayra and Amna had prolonged jaundice. Alhamdulillah, they were only breastmilk jaundice, which is harmless. Other likely factors had been ruled out such as, UTI, liver issue, thyroid disease, etc.  Basically, prolonged jaundice is when the jaundice lasts longer than 14 days of life, in term infants. Prolonged jaundice can be due to factors such as:
Infection - eg, urinary tract infection.Hypothyroidism, hypopituitarism.Galactosaemia.Breast milk jaundice: the baby is well and the jaundice usually resolves by six weeks but occasionally c…

Qu Puteh much?

"Qu Puteh Qu Puteh, Baru Puteh".
One fine day, Ayra uttered the glamorous phrase. 
And we laughed our heads off. Advertising really gets to you right? even the little ones. Now, perhaps that's what is called good advertising gimmick.  You know it is happening when the kids are doing it. 
And to add to our shock, few days later, Amna started to say: " Ku Teh, Ku Teh," and putting her 2 fat fngers on her cheek. We didnt expect that!
But something to laugh off for sure. 
They look wayyyyy cuter than the originator of the phrase.  hahahahahah
and now, little Amal is here..  so what did i find one fine day? 

3rd: Amal's Birth

Salam and Hello World..

Presenting to you our 3rd princess, Amal Nafeesa Muhd Hilmi.. I was hoping for the little one to come out on a nice date, and yup she did!  3rd March 2016. at 12.30 noon.
Alhamdulillah, it went as smooth as it can. I have Allah to thank for, for all the strength that he gave me and for hearing my prayers.
So here goes the story, Amal.. for your reading pleasure when you are big enough.
           *** I had been having Braxton Hicks for quite some times. for few weeks earlier. and the increased frequency to the loo. and to pass motions.  basically, all the symptoms were there. I was literally waiting for the time.
Nesting? done that at about 34-35 weeks of pregnancy.  Cleaned the kitchen in and out, up and down, scrub and dub.  Organized the pantry, the house, the cabinets, the drawers. Printed out latest pictures of the fam and bought additional frames.  (Hub yet to put them up the wall though) Almost regularly exercise. for pregnancy. those that can expedite …