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DIY Diaper Box

One thing that occupies the time of a home maker is DIY Stuff.
I have fallen into the pool of DIYs. Like, seriously.

I have always liked these DIY stuffs, and growing up, I have always ventured into DIY my own things,  from own cards, own dolls (yup, I made my own dolls), Barbie's clothes, etc.
But.. as usual, when one grows up, one tends to drift away their hobbies due to commitments, money, jobs, people, etc..
And being a home maker now, I am using this opportunity to revisit my childhood hobby and at the same time, ensuring my home is organized.
I like things to be neat. and organized. like seriously. sometimes i think i have OCD. but nothing serious really. just a bit of OCD is good for the home ;)
One of the projects that I managed to complete despite the tiredness that  I am having at 35 weeks of pregnancy,  is.. my DIY Diaper Box.
The one u can buy from the store is really not that expensive. U can get it at RM50 plus. 
But making one is different. I get to play with m…

Home Vege Garden

Our very own Vege Raised Garden!
I decided to grow my own veges few months ago. Was inspired by few raise garden pictures that i was looking at online. impressive!
I wanted to grow my own veges simply because:
1. Cost effective. We could cut cost of veges weekly purchasing. 2. Pesticide free. I know it will be healthier and safer for my family. 3. I can help to increase the oxygen level in my community. That can be like a continous sedeqah from me.
I have started planting few vege plants previously but I didnt care too much for them that they did not go well, except for few plants which seem to be growing nicely regardless of the lack of tlc. I was busy vomiting during the first timester, hence the lack of attention to them. sob sob.
So, going into the 2nd-3rd trimester, I decided to focus more seriously on this.  i googled up on how to make our very own vege raised garden.  searched for the companion plants, which means, what plants are suitable to be planted together, next to each …