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it's Poo Pee Time

Ayra in almost 4 y.o this year. (what??? my big girl!)
And we have started teaching her how to use the toilet when she needs to do her business. we only started when she was about 3 years and 3 months old.

we decided to wait until she can finally understand instructions and she knows how to communicate well. one reason is because we are just too lazy to wipe the pee or clean the poo. hahahaha
it wasnt that difficult coz she could understand us better. so, no fighting or yelling. just talking and negotiating in the most diplomatic way. ahahaha of cos, to start with, she did miss few times; her poo dropped on the floor or she 'tahan' her pee that she had to release right there and then. but only like 2 or 3 times.
night time is still the same though.  baby still has her diaper on cos Mommy and Daddy got no energy to asyik wash her bed.
other than bedtime, traveling time. still we put on her diaper for her. sometimes she has to go when there is no stop. it happened once. i had t…

the Allday sickness

i just love this picture, that i have to post it again:
i have it all day! as usual.
i have identified few triggers that made me..vomit.
1. chicken what? no chicken? fine by me.  but i cannot say no to the kulit ayam original KFC. that is just sooo yummy. other than that, chicken is a no no.i hope this is just a 1st trimester phase. or does the baby hate chicken?

the Unpaid Leave

i decided to go for unpaid leave.  i applied for 1 month, but projecting to be back to work earlier than that. too many issues/meetings to attend.
i just wanted to rest. take the time off works and driving. this time around the vomiting and nausea were not as bad as before. Ayra's time was much much worse. i could not drink nor eat anything. they ended up making me vomit so bad.
however, this time, the trigger was motion. driving itself is a motion. when i drive to work, i end up vomiting as soon as i arrive.  i cannot travel far. Hub cannot send me to work cos his started much earlier.