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My Kitchen Rules

i've posted something in my previous post on kitchens.
what i wanted etc for a new project.
and ive been quiet on it. 
since i am on medical leave, i can blog on this happily.
we moved in to our new house on January 2015.  the prev one was put to rent.  this was unexpected rezeki from Allah.  alhamdulillah, so many alhamdulillah.
initially, we wanted to sell it off. but my heart said no. not only that it has so many first memories and sentimental values, but i was thinking of my children and whether they can afford one in the future.  so we decided to keep it and let it become an asset. 
alhamdullilah, Allah eased our search for a good tenant. 
it has been about 8 months now and i am thankful to Allah for bringing this lovely couple to us.
so, for the kitchen project: Kitchen is the Heart of the Home
i have to make sure our kitchen is up to My standard as i will be spending a lot of time there. i cook a lot. well, daily basis.  so, having a good set up, ventilation, feel, etc is …

recalculating the work life

I am rethinking on my work life. like a new air to breathe. to explore.
not that i hate my current work.. the politics stress me out, and with me being pregnant, the last thing i want is to be stressed out. i know this work politics can be everywhere, any place u go. but when you are sucked down into it, and it leaves your performance on the roll, u just might want to get the hell out of there.
there is something just not worth staying for. and i need to learn to move on.
i have always wanted to be SAHM. or WAHM.
to be able to put my husband and children foremost than everything else. to allow work to revolve around them, to adjust time around them. My Mom has been a HUGE help, but 3rd one will leave her more tired than ever. i cannot do that to her.
yet. i need to think of the financial status. we are doing okay, but we need to keep it at that par.
so, what can i do?
besides job hunting, what can i do? like, what i really love to do?
to indulge my inner thoughts on my dream jobs, i …

Our 5th Wedding Anniversary

2015 is our 5th Year Anniversary.

it fell on Ramadhan month, so we didnt have any special plan for the night or day.
but Hub did get me a suprise suprise. 
*big grin*

i told him in the morning that i was lazy to go to work. but his response was different from the usual one. he replied: ishh tak elok..pergi la.
i was suprised. usually he would agree and support me to take EL or wateva. hahha but of course, that was just me feeling all tired and lazy. i did go anyway. 
it was Friday, and we didnt go out for lunch (it was Ramadhan). so i stayed in my room and continued finishing all due projects/ paperworks.
then i got a WhatsApp from my staffs (group WA):

so i was a bit curious. i didnt declare anything. i didnt tell anybody.
then i went down to see. if anything. i mean, of cos i didnt expect Mr Hub to actually suprised me with flowers and all. i know he's not the flower type of a person. 
then as i went to the reception, the girl told me that i have this:

i was blus…

Our Home's Best Friend

Meet our new beloved robotic best friend:
We have a name for her. it's Livi.  Initially I proposed the name to be Vivi. you know, Vivi the Vacuum.  but Ayra kept on pronouncing Livi instead of Vivi. in the end, Livi it is.
so, Livi is a breed of Neato. coming from the species of Vacuum cleaner. but upgraded species, a robotic one that is. which makes her super duper cool.
I decided to buy her one fine day, after many many thinking and googling.  Googling for the best brand and most efficient one in the market of robotic vaccums.
there are many many robotic vacuums in the market. a lot! from the cheap ones to the most expensive ones. I have to look at many aspects before deciding that Livi the Neato Robotic Vaccum should be ours.
I had to invest in one. Reason: i'd go crazy looking at all the hairs on the floor, despite us cleaning or vacuuming after it in the morning. my hair is falling off like rain. im suprised i'm not bold! and we are super duper tired!
and the dust. w…