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Natural, Gentle, Pro Choice Birth

Homebirth, natural birth, gentle birth,hospital birth.
Many definitions to accompany each words.  I'm sure u can google it up anytime anywhere. So i am not going to elaborate them here.
The aim is provide mothers with the choice of natural, spirit-uplifting birth. Choice to deliver the baby, in a safe, peaceful, reliable, condition. Of course we like that don't we?
Birth in hospital does not mean it is not natural, nor gentle. And birthing at home does not mean it is gentle either, if the mother or father or the assistant does not have any medical professional knowledge. Without knowledge and expertise, danger is the correct word.
And stop comparing to those safely delivered in perkampungan orang asli. Their way of living itself is different. When making comparison, u have to have similar sets of condition. One cannot simply compare between an apple with a mango. or a bee with a fly. Or men vs women. 
Ultimately, despite our choice of baby delivery, our goal is.. to deliver…