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Our Perth Adventure

i have been longing for a holiday. like an oversea kind of holiday. we have not traveled out of Malaysia last year and my butt is icthing to get out.haha
so i booked the flight and arrange for lodging to Perth.  Mom wanted to follow and thank god she did.  hahaha. i dont know how we would cope without her!  xoxo
why i decided on Perth?  well, it's relatively cheaper than europe.  and my children could enjoy the animal experience, rather than shopping or historical places.
i havent been on a plane for quite some time and only  Allah knows how troubled i was daysss before we embarked on this trip.
i prayed a lot. and tawakal. alhamdulillah, everything went well. 
so, the trip was basically on Animal theme. what else. hahaha
Day 1 we reached Perth at 6am.  we rented a car went straight to Perth Zoo.  we could not check in to rest yet so we decided to enjoy Perth Zoo first instead. 
Ayra was so excited. jumping here and there. she wanted to see Giraffe the most.  (Malaysia pun ade nak…