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The Worrying Begins

There she goes.  That sweet oh so sweet girl of mine, Amna.
We are truly blessed. Alhamdulillah.. I am thankful, grateful, to Him for these gifts. Dear Allah.  U have given me soooo much and U have always been there for me.
And yet.
I am asking U for more. Off all the things that i am praying U for..  I mostly,badly ask protect my children. Protect them from evil of the world and the devils. protect them from sickness and diseases.
Amna was about 6 months old. She has started rolling then and i was estatic that she was having the same progress as her big sis when Ayra was 6m. 
I remember the day vividly as i was patting her dry after her bath. She was actively kicking and moving her right hand and leg. And the left limb remained..stiff. Not moving. I had that little voice inside of me. An alarm. But i bugged it off as i didnt want to think negatively unneccessarily.
She was kind of not well at that time. And soon she and Ayra were admitted due to bronchilitis.
I did tell the …

my so-called azam

so it is the new year of 2015.  look at the time. as if i just gave birth to Amna and suddenly she's One.
2014 was not a good to Malaysia, in general. to me, 2014 has been.. a mixture of feelings.
basically, reminiscing the year of 2014: work: work has been stressful with corporate world that i am not accustomed to,  and all the ups and downs and the blacks and blues. i had a roller coaster ride in my work life and somehow rather, i think i grew as a person, as a leader. Allah has His plans ready, and yes, i fell, but i got up and move on and believe in what He has planned. it was difficult, but i did my best in the best way i could and rely only to Him. alhamdulillah, ending of 2014 did show the fruit of the effort.  but, great titles and salaries and whatnot comes with a great responsibility.  nothing is free ait? so, as stressful as it may seem, or sound, i just need to do the best with all capabilities i have. but, Family always comes first. family: 2014 has been a blessed as…

Happy Birthday My Princesses

it's New Year of 2015!!
Amna recently turned 1!!! that cheeky girl.
and we had a combined birthday celebration for Amna and Ayra. Ayra wanted a Princess theme. so Nena was very excited doing all the preps. as for Mommy, I was in charged of F&B. easy. ordered the cake like a week before. ordered Popcorns from my staff. and satay and cooked laksa.
we only invited about 5 families with little children. the party was held at Nena's house and that is why we could not invite so many people.
our house? not ready. more story to that.
anyhow, Nena did a spectacular decos on princess. some of the Disney princess were there.

it was very2 simple. i wanted it for the memories and the album. dont want Amna to feel kecik hati that she didnt have her first bday, but her Kakak had one.

 My princesses were soooo pretty.

Happy Birthday my princesses.
Mommy loves u so much and always have u in my heart. grow up to a good servant of Allah.
i pray that we'll be together in Jannah..