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the 3 year old

how time really flies by.
my Ayra is now a 3 year old little girl. 24.11
she has grown soooo much and my love for her is even more despite all the fights we've had. hahaha she talks a lot. really2 a lottttttttttttttttttttt
like non stop.
at times, we were too tired to answer or entertain, but we do it anyway.
for this year, we did not managed to give her a big birthday party like her previous birthdays.  we are too overwhelmed with work and new stuff.  and we decided to joint her birthday party with Amna's.
they are 3 months apart anyway.
cost savings okeh.
anyway, we took her to The School.  wanted to buy her a bicycle. but did not get any there. there were many choices but.. not appealing enough. mommy yg cerewet!  The School was... fun. a lot activities for children (obviously, hence the name!) but they look..pricey. but nice to look and dream though.
plus, very educational. (duh, The School)

we ended up buying her bicycle in Setia City Mall.  as usual, SCM is the best.

She's Crawling

Amna is crawling!!!
i would like to capture this moment on the blog as this is an important milestone for her and a great achievement for her too.
and i no longer think of all medical possibilities that hinder her from crawling.  i am paranoid!
well, we recently got ourselves two kittens.
two cute little kittens name Coco and Chanel.
Coco is the coco triple colured. whilst Chanel is the black one.
they are soooo adorable and cute. but, the stories behind that will be told later.
anyway, a day after Coco Chanel were adopted by us, Amna started to crawl.
finally, at 10 months old, she crawled.

the kittens must have inspired her! (if mommy tau, mommy lama dh bela)
im grateful to Allah as she is now crawling everywhere in the house. 
bye bye all my worries and crappy thoughts. 
Mommy loves u Amna Nabeela!!!