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Project Kitchen

I am onto something big which i wont disclose just yet.
but, somewhere along the line, one of the components involved is the kitchen.
Kitchen is my fav place in a home. kitchen, is simply the heart of the house. because, it is the place where 'love' is prepared for the entire home.
it must be neat, clean, and homey.

I am currently drawn into a contemporary type of kitchen.  i'm done with modern type, which is what my current kitchen looks like; the typical 3G acrylic door. 
i have a red 3g acrylic door, with black concrete table top. 
what drives me really2 crazy, is I Cannot See Where The Ants Are!
Oh my. they annoy me to the max! i have come up to a battling stage with them where i'd go berserk trying to murder them all. Murder.  wahahahaha.  i am murdering all the ants.
i cannot see their steps on the table top cos they blend into it. all of a sudden, they are already making a long train chain on it. marching on and singing 'The Ants Go Marching One by One, Hur…

new cousin

I finally can open this and start to write. after about 3 months long of quietness.
i have been busy with work. (as usual) and of course, the little ones with the daddy. thus, so little time for me to..vent out here.
i am sitting in a room in.....