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6/12 Amna

Amna is now 6 month's old. 
she turned 6/12 on 3rd July, the date of our 4th Annivesary.
this post will be about my breastfeeding journey with Amna Nabeela.
Alhamdulillah, our journey together has not been difficult. Thanx to my previous experience in breastfeeding of 1 year and 10month with Ayra, this time around, it feels much lighter. 
i even taught her how to feed while lying down during my confinement because i really could not bare waking up almost every hour for her feeding needs. and yeah, she is a fast learner. 
she is like her big sister in a lot of ways. they feed almost every hour when they were tiny babies. they woke up like every 2 to 3 hours to feed. and dont get me started on the growth spurts! 
amna is more attached to me even when she is 4 months old. she has the separation anxiety too early. much much too early. her eyes would follow me every where, even if i was only going to the kitchen! and she would scream non-stop, on top of her lungs, just for me to carry…

Elixir 7.9

to fill in the 'ample' times that i have lying in my offices, i would like to share with u on a recently used product for my skin..

i have been using Clarins for almost 2-3 has been good to my skin, but i am looking for a cheaper alternative for the maintenance of good skin. i simply choose this brand because it doesn't cause a hole in my wallet.  and it sounds.. good.
i am aging (arent we all) and im turning the big 3-0 in a couple of months. so, hydrated, lbalanced skin is crucial. recently, after hitting 2 babies, i noticed my skin feels..dry. dry in the cheek and oily in the forehead and center. of course, that indicates a combination skin. 
from dry skin, other skin problems will arise such as wrinkle, pigmentation, acne, etc. 
so, like it or not, i needed to find moisturizer as soon as possible. 
i googled up this brand (cos i know it has been around since i was small) for reviews and whatnot, and the price is really okay for me.. so..i walked into the shop…