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Cream Puff Kampung Kravers

i recently have a new cravings.
it is creamy, yummy, and full of flavour.
it is..

Cream Puffs from Kampung Kravers!
i super love the durian, nutella and cempedak flavors.
the thing i like most is the taste exactly like the flavour of durian, nutella and cempedak.
they do not use flavouring etc. they use the real fruit to make into paste and mix it with the cream. and the result is fantastic. superb
the durian cream puff tastes exactly like durian. like eating durian. sooo reall!!
and the cempedak. oh my! i dont have to buy cempedak. just eat that also enough ok.
and nutella?? oh myyyyy. like eating a jar of nutella on its own.
and suprisingly it is not so expensive despite the big size, the rich flavor and packaging. only RM5.90 for 3. 
boleh mengenyangkan okeh. sangat worth it!
oh my, cant wait for an event this late afternoon in my company. i ordered these babies. haha
cannot wait!!

Litt Up

lately, i am not getting the job thrills or satisfaction from my current company im working at
i feel..demotivated, under appreciated, and lost.
the jod itself is okay. but the top management is bugging me.
well. isnt that normal?
usually a person leaves a company not because of job stress,  but the supervisor or the people heading the company.
exactly my case.
in short, i feel what Louise Litt is feeling in the Suits.

working mom

it's friday, and today i cant go back to have lunch with Ayra like i always do with her lately.  i put the time to make it like a quality time between Ayra and Mommy,  since Amna has taken a lot of attention away from her big sister.
i dont want to lose the bond, the touch, the warmth  of her being with me. she is getting more and more  closer to her Ayah. well, makes sense since Ayah is the cool one and Mommy is like a cop.
ayra has been a super duper good child, good sister. she loves her adik sooo much. she did not request to BF, leaving it to her adik solely. she understands that it is her adik's time to bf,  and she has got her ample time doing it previously.
good girl.. she makes it easy for me.
but tiredness comes in everyday. all those work in the office. the brain cells utilized, not to mention the nerves and muscles used for.. everything. hahaha. it is drowning me in my own pool of tiredness.
i dont get enough sleep. fully bf and pumping while working…

oh my!

i am super duper busy wife, mommy and.. employee
oh my. i dont know where to start. i am only only because my Word is currently stuck. i am finishing my report, but it got stuck somehow.  it is now lunch and i am in no...time to eat. well, i eat while working.
so, what has been.. up?
my two lovely princesses of course!!!!  my life, my jantung hati. 

we had a Aqiqah for Amna about 2 weeks ago. it was a simple makan2 held in KT. it was sSOOOOOOO freaking hot that Amna cried frantically when she had her baju on. so, i had to take it off, and the princess of the day is... bajuless.  her attire was a diaper instead.

lovely big sis likes to carry her small sis. 

Amna really looks like Ayra when she was small. her smile. and clingyness.  haha
they grow up tooooo fast!
she's gonna be 6 months old in less than 2 weeks.  oh my. and mommy is not ready for the solid.
(no time)