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The Birth of Amna Nabeela

The Historic Day finally came! 3rd January 2014.
so she decided to become one of the 2014 batches. 
Alhamdulillah.. Praise to Allah. 
i have so many things to tell. words are pouring in my mind. but my hands are too slow to catch up and my eyes are constantly wandering towards my Amna.  she is currently chilling under the UV light in our room.  what? you didn't know UV is the new thing? haha

the story started on the beginning of 38th week.
i was already at unease with being pregnant at 38weeks, since Ayra was only 37 weeks. i began to feel anxious, super duper tired, excited, scared.  mixture of feelings were bottling up in me.  it was hard not to know what to expect but at the same the previous experience was kind like reminding you of what you should be expecting.
at 38 weeks check-up, Dr N said i have dilated to 2cm.  and i was happy. so, yeahh 2cm. it could not be that long to reach 4cm and so on right? but doctor said it differs.  some may take up to a week or so. it depend…