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Aim for the Day

i would like to whine and whine and whine.  about how tired i am and how this pelvic pain is bothering me and so on.
but let it be just that 2 sentences above. 
i woke up with a heavy feeling (as usual) but new target in mind. to grab myself a burger for lunch today. that is my aim for the day.
i am distracting my mind from the constantly playing question, which is; when are u coming out baby? it's 37 weeks and u know what, your kakak came out during this time of pregnancy. 
ok, so let's forget about this.  or i'll get frustrated waiting for the baby to come but she doesnt.
owh, have i told u it'll be a she?
yes, insyaallah we are expecting another girl in the house.

Tigress at 36

i am at 36 weeks going on 37.  i am walking like a huge penguin. i have swollen ankle, though it is not that bad comparing to others. i am breathless from walking and eating. eating has been no fun cos i need oxygen more. but of course, eating is essential kan?
one fine night, Hub was doing his ever so loving job as a husband whom impregnated the wife, which is rubbing oil onto my big belly. and he asked: did u scratch so much your tummy? it leaves 2 marks.
i was like what? what marks? what scratch? well, of course i did do some scratching. a little. whatever. and i looked into a big mirror.
it is a nightmare!!!!
you see, when i was with ayra, i did not have a single line of stretch mark. nada. zero. even if i scratch.
and this one! why must it appear when i am actually at the end of third trimester? why??
could it be that my routine of rubbing Bio Oil is not enough? i mean, truthfully, i have been skipping this many times during this seco…