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my girl turns TWO

she has turned big TWO!!

my little girl has grown so much. and her development is beyond those her age. im very sure of that. not because im her mother so i need to say so, but because it is true! hahahahaha she is learning so fast, absorbing so much.  she is doing things more than any 2 yo or even 2 and half yo is doing. she knows how to say no to the things that she doesnt want. which is a lot.  she is a lady of her own mind! she has a way of calling us with her hands and all. she looks just so cute.  and when she wants something, she makes u get her that thing. most of the times they were all about food. thankfully, she doesnt throw any tantrum in toy shops. somehow, she has that self control over toys.  not to bug mommy or ayah over silly things. so proud of her.
and i notice that she is a waaayyy lot calmer than most children about her age. especially when it comes to toys. including her own toys. she doesnt mind sharing, which is an important trait most kids are lacking (or sti…