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our little gateaway- Andaman

ah well. i am still here, breathing. going into 28 weeks now. and i have been busy and super tired and plus,  my Samsung is not so efficient in sending out all the pictures ive taken to be uploaded in to the blog. so, i got frustrated and forget the blog.
but Hub was being generous, and he got Us, ehem, himself a brand new Mirrorless Interchangable Lens Camera, the Olympus PENS. i am pretty satisfied with the gadget as it has a fast shutter and the picture is nice! well, up to my standard la. i am no pro in photography, so im not thatttt picky. as long as i look nice and no one looks like they have been painted with Oil on their faces, im good. =)

so, referring to my blog title, yes, finally i did have a little gateaway. it's Langkawi! weeehoooo.  well, it's not really thrilling place, but i desperately need a relaxing holiday. away from all these business and stressful lives. (yeah right)
so, i planned for a short yet sweet holiday few days before Raya Haji.  we decided to…