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Our Raya

so, Ramadhan is over and i can definitely say.. i did badly.

i managed to puasa about 11 days. 11 days yo. that is like soo little!
the rest of the month is more like unbearable hunger that made me angin so badly that i got migraine and what not.
disaster i tell you.

i cuti for raya since Monday. Hub had gone back to KT on Ahad, driving with his sister. so, mommy and Ayra went back to KT by flight.

alhamdulillah, Ayra was a good little girl. accompanied mommy crying whatsoeva.
she even walked holding my hands all the way.
big girl already!
she was amazed by the planes. her face was full of excitement. i love her excitement.

Raya was fun. but i miss the traditional masakan in my kampung.. raya in other state  is definitely different.

so, here our pics on our raya!
err.. only a pic. the rest are in my phone and i give up trying to transfer them to my lappy!

ayra and i are wearing the baju Nena made for us.  mine was a dress, inspired by LoveToDress and  Ayra's a pep…