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my Ramadhan so far

i stumbled across an article re-posted by wardina: What i Learned about Ramadhan
i read it and tears came to my eyes. either it's hormonal or i truly feel it. i'd go with Im truly feeling it. you see, i was scared to enter Ramadhan. i dont hate Ramadhan, hell no! instead i have always looked forward to it. the feeling of being closer to Him, to give everything that i can to Him in  the Holy month.  i used to be able to Qhatam al-Quran in less than 30 days. make tarawikh every night. (almost) just love the serenity that comes with it. but not this year. i was scared. scared that i may not give the best that i can to Him. truthfully, i am so exhausted. extremely exhausted.  it has only been 6 ramadhan and i have missed 2 days of fasting. i coudnt take the exhaustion and the uneasy feelings that are creeping inside me. so, let me talk about how tired i am being pregnant and having a toddler. fasting during weekend is supposed to be relatively easier than during  the weekdays cos …

my japanese doll

i miss my little princess!!
even though she is demanding a lot from me, i still miss her a lot.
she learns many things quickly. she is absorbing knowledge like a wet sponge! i am so proud of her achievements.
alhamdulillah, praise to Allah. i am so grateful for this lovely gift.
she is nursing lesser than before. doctor says it's normal for kids to wean off slowly and naturally once the mama got pregnant. so, im letting it be even doe at times i feel so so exhausted.
i noticed a lot of new things from her. these have been discovered when i was in the  state of helplessness, a.k.a early pregnancy. thus, no blogging about it. poor her.
so, these are what she is up to these days: -going tru ipad and our samsungs on her own and click on YouTube -click on YouTube so she can watch Barney. Barney is her favourite! -she loves singing and dancing to I Love You, Wheels on The Bus, and Old McDonald. -she follows what the children on the video are doing. and she does it well! -she knows whe…


3rd July 2013
it's our 3rd Anniversary!!!
i planned for things, but my health had taken over the day. it wasnt really that bad, but at the end of the day, i was like a flat small whale.
i wanted to have a steak at Chef Zubir's restaurant in Laman Seri,  but ended up having dinner home-cooked style.
well, alhamdulillah. at least i ate.
the morning started with a suprise. a smalll yet sweet gesture by my other half. i found two cards on the table.
'to my lovely wife' 'to my lovely mummy'
owh.. i melted. it may not be that big for you, but for me it is.
he's not that too romantic kind of guy who declares his undying love to the world, or shower me with flowers, roses and what not. he is a kind of guy who shows through gestures. like giving me a back rub, a foot massage, cooking when im too tired to do so, never stingy to buy me stuff, sms/wassap me I Love You every morning and out of the blue. so, when he suprised me with a card, it sure melted my heart.
i …

10 nasihat untuk isteri

Azza requested that i blog about Being Me.  but i like i said, my memories do not serve me well  lately. it's sad.
i even forgot a conversation that i had with my staff in the morning when i called him in the afternoon. pathethic right?
i need more oxygen to go up there, since it's been more utilized down there!
anyhow, i am intrigued by this advice that a woman gave to her child on her wedding night.  and this advice is really good to all of us called wives.
i hope we all benefit from this.  it does makes sense as, according to Sheikh Alaa elSayed, men are more attracted to/ influenced by physical things, whereas women to emotions. that is why men are easily captured by beautiful women, and women are melted by kind hearted gestures. 

so, these are the advice that i managed to google up and copied from  Jendela Hikmah:
(i could not find the english version. if u have one, do share)

“Wahai anakku! Kalaulah wasiat ini untuk kesempurnaan adabmu, aku percaya kau telah mewarisi segala-galanya, t…

Being Me

i am now 12 weeks. 3 months alhamdulillah..
but dont worry, the nausea and vomiting are still here. but to the lesser extent. alhamdulillah.
i was able to get out of the house on Saturday and attended.. Being Me: Muslimah Empowered.

i thank Allah for letting me have the strength and means to go there and learn as much as i can in being His better servant.
i dragged my cousin, who was forced to drive.  i couldnt drive too far. i get drowsy, remember.
and i met zeti, kak fadh and sabb whilst there. sudah lama tidak berjumpa. of course, byk stories. if only i have more energy to involve more. hehe
talk about the conference,  it was very insightful and inspiring.. i really enjoyed Prof Muhaya's talk on Garment on each other. at first i tot she was going to talk about her fahsion line, the As-Sohwah. u know, fashion, garment, makes sense right? but the topic was actually about how to complete our spouse, in being  the garment for him. and him, for us.  we attract what we potray or wha…