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wishlist whenever

handbags have always been my weakness. no matter how many i have, i feel like i need to have more. lumrah manusia yang lupa bersyukur. -__-
anyhu... this is something to distract my tummy and anak tekak.
my wishlist. for.... whenever!

things that i cannot ngam

im listing down all the factors that make me vomit. i think this actually helps me in avoiding those so i wont keep on vomitting till forever.

1. gas. angin. when i feel bloated, the angin will push all foods out of my tummy.
2. dizziness. if i get dizzy, i vomit.
3. car ride. i cannot ride in a car or any other moving vehicle longer than 30mins. i keep plastic bags with me everywhere i go so i am prepared to puke when i need to.
4. i cannot drive far far away. if i drive more than my office, i vomit. even when i drive to office everyday, i still vomit.
5. moving fast. i cannot move so fast. or people around me, pls dont move too quick. my head will get dizzy. and back to number 2.
6. noisy environment. it makes me dizzy.

so, i have to keep on munching food. even though im too tired to chew. but even that does not help at times. i eat constantly or i dont, more or less, the effect is quite the same: vomit.

it's going to 9 weeks now.

still a very very very longgggggggggg way to go.

So what have I been up to

I haven't been writing for weeks. Things have been...difficult.
Now I am at home. Alone. On Monday. Trying to relax..
Few weeks after coming home from Umrah had been great. We went for a short trip to Genting Highland and Bukit Tinggi. Such a pleasure to see Ayra playing with rabbits. And getting along with nature.
(The pics are in Hub's phone.)
So what happened then?
I am expecting. Again. I am now..inshallah.. About 7 weeks along.
And things have not been easy for me nor my family.
As usual, the 'ritual' began. The morning sickness. Or should I say whole day sickness. The nausea. The vomiting.

The hospitalisation. The drips. The emotional roller coaster. On and on..

However, Alhamdulillah.. I have to say that this is not as bad as Ayra's. The first one was even more terrible.  Talk about eating everything and vomiting them all out in minutes! I even took a whole month holiday just to stay home And be alive.  Hahaha
This time around, yes…