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Journey of Faith: Bringing My Baby for Umrah

Mak (mil) asked me when we were in
Masjidil Haram, while waiting for prayer: what would you tell those who wanted to bring their babies for umrah? what would your advice be?
i asnwered: go ahead. if you feel you are strong, go ahead. but do not complaint. be prepared mentally and physically cause things will not be easy. and again, dont complaint. for me, i wanted to bring Ayra. so i kept telling myself that it will be hard. but i must keep on thinking positively and believe that Allah will help me. and i truly feel He did.
Hub and i have always wanted to go for umrah ever since we got married.  on the first year of marriage, we were not ready financially. second year, i got pregnant, and alhamdulillah, 2013 is our year.
i did not want to leave Ayra behind. reason 1: ayra is still breast feeding. i would like to continue that till she's two. reason 2: mommy cannot depart from her daughter. she cant even sleep if Ayra is in the next bed.  reason 3: well. simply cannot leave her co…

Journey of Faith

alhamdulillah, praise to Allah swt. i am back from Umrah in the Holy Land.
alhamdulillah alhamdulillah thank you Allah
for giving me the chance to go to the sacred place  and perform ibadah, with Hub and Ayra.
thank you for giving me the ultimate Strength to take care of my child and still able to perform ibadah.
it was such an amazing experience. an amazing feeling, praying in Masjidil Haram and Masjid al-Nabawi. amazing.
i cannot describe the feeling.
i can simply say: Amazing
we went with my parents in law and sister in law.  and i am very thankful to Allah for letting them joining us for this meaningful umrah. without them, i dont know whether i could actually do this. i mean, with Ayra and all. they helped me a lot.

we went with TH travel. it was for about 12 days, inclusive of traveling period.  we stayed in al-safwa Royal Orchid hotel. which is soo near to masjidil haram. that enabled me to tend to Ayra when needed. and when we were in Madinah, we stayed in Movenpick, which is…

Bazaar in Fuyo Publika

Sarana opened a fun bazaar at Fuyo Art Bazaar in Publika last sunday. it was.. ok. exciting. new experience.
 mom being the ma'am of the booth

 this is a keyholder. where u can keep ur keys, so they wont scratch ur shades or misplaced  sumwhere in ur handbag. or u can hold it on its own.
welcome welcome people!!!

mom, me, Hub and ayra took the time to 'jaga' the stall. there were many people and alhamdulillah, sales were good. not bad for a first timer eh.
even Yasmin Hani came by our booth. ;)
it was definitely tiring. ayra and I even slept in the surau.
and i get to taste the famous Ice cream Potong. which, i think is over rated.
not to say it's not nice.. it's just.. over rated.  rm5 for each.  must be for the all natural ingredients.
as for the taste.. well,...there are nice..sedap.. but.. ive tasted better.

so, yes, probably we will open again in publika. but,.. definitely will hire people to stay there!