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a Bump in the head

Hub is too cute. hehe.
one fine day, he called me at work and said  in a very serious voice: "im at Biro. i need to go to the cosmetic centre to settle a few documents. so, i walked there and then suddenly without even me realizing, danggggg!! i walked straight into a glass door!" and he was laughing like mad.
i was laughing too and was like: "so i bet u are soo embarassed now!  were there anybody inside?  anybody saw u got knocked off by the glass door?"
 "no, i guess. i could not see. i didnt want to see. i pretended to read the letter and walked away.hahahha"
hahaha.  im still laughing.
and he wassapped me his forehead:
it was supposed to show redness but all i could see was his fair forehead. im telling u, he is way way fairer than me! luckily Ayra follows him instead of me!
and that evening, he wanted to go to Setia City Mall to buy Ayra a new pool. (cos the old one got fungus all over)
at Early Learning Centre: him: "i think we should buy her the …

Baby in the Blue

it has been quite tiring weeks. it all started when we went for vaccination for Hub,me and Ayra.
insyaAllah, we are going for Umrah in the sacred place, Mekkah. so, as a requirement for visa application, we must be  vaccinated for meninggococcal.  however, i could not find any literature saying chilldren below two should be  vaccinated for meniggo.  Mencivax-the vaccine being used in the DEMC, is not recommended for children below 2. even the pediatricians in demc told me that it is not necessary. so, in the end, only and Hub had the Mencevax, whilst Ayra had an Influenza vaccination.
she has never ever had any trouble with vaccinations before. i mean, throughout her growing up process, with all those wajib vaccination schedule,  alhamdulillah, she has been strong all along. no fever, no body aches.
plus, alhamdulillah, i have been blessed with a healthy child all along. she has never had any runny nose, chesty cough, no flu. she is strong. i'd like to think of it as the benefit …

Little Yasmin

dina is Home! and so is her little sweetie pie, Yasmin
she is soo sweet just like her mommy..
we had a quick lunch at dina's place, few days before Yasmin's aqiqah.

too bad Faiezah is far far away in Terengganu. =(
and these were on her aqiqah:

she is just a cute little sweetypie, isnt she? has the look of both her mommy and daddy.
poor yasmin has to learn tolerate the hot weather in Malaysia. and her mommy too.


And this worldly life is not but diversion and amusement. And indeed, the home of the Hereafter - that is the [eternal] life, if only they knew.

There are times, (many times) that i wish for this and that, a bigger house; perhaps a Semi-D?,  a cooler car; perhaps a Q5 or Evoque? more and more handbags; Prada, Chanel, Dior. a luxury vacation around the world, a business class air trip instead of economy. a fancy meal at fancy restaurants, a Boogaboo for that little one, a Louboutin, Ferragamo and Tods' a Laura Ashley for the Home Sweet Home' the latest iPad, with MuiMui casing

and the list go on. it will never end.

Lately,  When i think of all the materials things i want, i start to think of the Hereafter. of Death. and then i would feel grateful. Alhamdulillah. Praise to Allah. for giving me everything.
i have a wonderful Husband, a beautiful daughter, a loving mother and father. a family. and amazing friends. i have a home, a job that i actually enjoy, a car that i can use to ge…

Moustache anyone?

i came home and find my daughter  has turned into this:

Hub gave  her a pen and paper to play with while he's driving. so that she wont bug him. Hub said she was all occupied, writing stuff on the paper. serious it seemed. no wonder she was so quiet.

she made herself a moustache!  just like Ayah!
look at how she drew them.  the lines are so like moustache!
Seeing a future Leonardo or Picasso?

Sweep Them Off

Went to Dad's as usual during the weekend.
For this week Bonding Session between Ayra and Atok:

it's Gardening time! or Sweep the Leaves time!

My Dad is a neat person. like really, really, really, neat and tidy person. in two words: neat freak.
he cannot see a single stain or habuk in his house.
and all his children are taught to be almost the same, well, most of them. girls especially. the boys are hopeless! -_-
so, now it's Ayra time. downloading the cleanliness wisdom to his only grand daughter.

she picked up the leaves and put them into the shovel. yeahhh. then she took the leaves out, and put them on the grass. -_- 
after some loving session, Ayra wanted to show off her piano skills.

Ayah and Atok are impressed!

Uni Times!

i miss university times.
do you??
i miss the ample time that i had, the holidays that i enjoyed, the benefits of being a student. (a.k.a discounts here and there, no strict punch card)
what i miss most was the environment and friends.
i went to IIUM in Kuantan, studied in Degree Pharmacy. why i studied pharmacy? that will another long blogging day.
IIUM Kuantan was very much different from IIUM Gombak. i dont really know the environment in Gombak, only heard from people about the 'luar nampak baik, dalam senyap2 je tau'.
what i know is, IIUM kuantan is trully an experience of faith, wisdom and maturity. i can say i've met almost all kinds of people in life at a very young age. growing up in KL, i was given the chance to get to know
people from various lifestyles. when i entered IIUM Kuantan, i was in shocked. first, i had a shocked of being away from my family. i have never been apart from them. at all. so, when i had to stay about 300km away, suffice to say, i was depres…

Baby Cream I love

one of the most essential baby products for Ayra is Body lotion.
i dont want her to develop eczema (genetically derived from me, of course)
and i dont want her skin to be dry.

i love this lotion, truly:
i can see the difference in Ayra's skin comparing to other toddlers that i've encountered.
her skin is soft and dewy.
so soft that i like to gigit her.
of course, gently biting her.
not abusing her, so stop thinking nonsense!

i bring this everywhere whenever we travel far.
it is a must.
and it smells really nice.
like fruits!
so, the more reason i want to gigit her.

i dont have to use much.
after her bath, pat her dry, and squeeze like a 20cents size.
(erm.. syling lama, bukan baru ek)
and sapu seluruh badan, while massaging her.

highly recommend this to your baby too!