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That Bean Bag

Hub wassap me:

isn't this comfortable? like you are pulled in and safely tucked while sleeping.
she looked so at peace.
that big red thing is actually a bean bag! nope, it's not a gigantic pillow like you thought. sure, it looks like one. even feels like one!
Mom got this actually, in exchange for  her Citibank credit card points. it is so cool ait? i wish Maybank can offer this.
dear Maybank, would you be so kind and read my blog and entertain  my humble request? i wish you can include this gigantic bean bag into one of your super duper cool Treat Points. so, i and the rest of maybank card holders can  enjoy the sleeping peacefully on this. u know, a good sleep is crucial in developing a healthy person,  physically and mentally. and by having a healthy subscriber, i will definitely  enjoy using my card any time! *-*
anyhu, for those who are not with Citibank (like me), we can still enjoy that big fat pillow-bean-bag. mom found this for me:

you can find here: http://www.freea…

Swim Time

I try to expose Ayra to water (as in pool) as much as  i can so that she knows how to swim at a early age.
Nabi s.a.w recommended us to learn swimming, archering and horse riding.
so, at this age, we are starting Ayra with swimming. 
we started introducing her to water when she was around 3 months old. back then she was so calm and collected. but still excited to play. kicking and all.
but now! when we reach Atok's house, she would go to the pool and put her feet into it! she is so brave! mommy yang takut for the boldness. -_- now, when she's in the pool, she doesnt want to stay in the pelampung. she would climb out of it.

and she kicks the water and roll around. yes, roll around. like the water is a bed. and the person holding her has to struggle to hold her  tight so she wont slip. if i were in the mood of swimming, i would swim with her. if not, Ayra's little aunts and uncle would love to entertain her cheekiness. and she loves the attention.

Anak soleh

Ayra has a step-gramma. Atok's wife.  she calls her Anny. (i tried to think of more a hippy name for gramma,  Anny is the coolest i could think of!)
Anny just got back from umrah. and she got Ayra jubahs!
one of her jubah. with a hijab. owhhhh *melting*
she is just tooooo cute!
Semoga Ayra menjadi anak yang solehah and Hamba Allah yang taat.

Dig It!

Toddlers really follow whatever their parents are showing them. they watch you, see you, follow you. so, as parents, we must always show good examples to them in everything we do.
when we are thinking of doing something unpleasant, bad, negative, remember that our child is absorbing actively everything.
talking about copying everything, i have this habit of using the cottonbud to clean my ears  after shower. i just dont like the feeling of having water inside my ears. very disturbing. i know,i know, korek telinga is not actually recommended  by health professionals, but i cant help it. like i said, it's a habit. a routine.
ayra watches me doing it everyday.
and usually, Hub and I would lay her  on our laps, hold her head and clean her ears. she would lay still and showed the 'sedapnyer korek telinga' face. cute! come to a day, when we were praying jemaah, she took the cottonbud herself, and started digging her ears with it, just like how mommy does it. we were not kusyuk …

Lulu & Ayra

she used to be scared of cats. or any moving animals for that matter.
but we have been showing an effort of liking cats. well, i have. Hub has always been a cat person. but me, i am a so-so. i used to so scared of them. and ironically, cats like to jump on me. but i learned to overcome my fear and  slowly am ok with them.
i can only be okay with cats  if the cats are friendly, do not scratch and nor do they bite. and they dont go rubbing their bodied at my feet.
so, yeah, im cool.
and for ayra, i have to be even more 'cool' with cats. cos i dont want her to be afraid of cats. i want her to follow Nabi s.a.w's liking of cats.
and now, here she is:

see? she can shake hand with Lulu.
and she can even step on its tail!

Biography of Syed Mohtar

if you are looking for something to read, i suggest: Biografi: Syed Mokhtar alBukahry
 it is a story of how he became what he is now.
how he worked hard to be where he is now.

more, for me,
it is a story of inspiration, determination, motivation, generosity.
and how we should always remember that everything that we have is because of Allah. without Him, we have nothing.

i am insipired. motivated. touched.

ive been hassling Hub to read.
it is very hard to persuade him to read!!!

luckily Ayra follows Mommy's footsteps.
she loves reading!!
she would grab a book, comes to us and sits on our laps.
and asks us to read her the book.
and when we are in the bookstore,
she would go around grabbing books and generously give them to
other people nearby,
or even rearrange them freely without charges.

rajin pulak anak Mommy.

anak itu anugerah

Anak itu hadiah dari Allah. untuk menolong kita masuk syurga.
a child is Allah's gift to help us enter Jannah.
that's what she said during the Raising Young Khalifah seminar we joined.
(i havent fully blog about what i have learned there.)
this was said by the founder of Little Chaliph. Pn Sabariah Faridah
i was truly inspired by her words. her motivation.  her vision.
i cant recall all the input. too bad. but one thing i remember is the above statement.
a child is Allah's gift to us. but. to help us to enter Jannah. thus, how we shape, teach, provide, show our child, affect the being that  we are raising. if we raise him/her following Allah's way,  insyaAllah, Jannah is ours. if we fail to provide her/him with her/his rights as a muslim, then the right for us to enter Jannah will also be taken away.
she told us stories on how she and her husband raise their family. they raised tahfiz/tahfizah so it was kind of difficult. they dont have tv for about 5 years. and when …

Wintermelon Craze

Bambam is absorbing things fast. she learns quick. she sees us doing one thing, and the next thing we know, she's doing it herself.
among new things that's been happening:
she likes to 'share' drinks with me. especially my favorite drink: Wintermelon
i never knew wintermelon was actually a fruit/vege. i thought it was a drink's name by Chatime. i first tasted it when they offered it free with a purchase. and i fell in love.
do u know it's actually Labu air/ kundur?? since then, i like ordering wintermelon with pearl. everytime. and now, that little one is enjoying it too. sometimes a little bit too much.

siap rebut dgn mommy. and i even bought the air kotak just to satisfy my craving over it. when i opened the fridge,  she takes it out, and tried to poke the straw into the kotak. when she gives up (cos the straw was sealed in a plastic), she hands it over for me to open it.
and she drinks it freely. but doesnt forget to offer me some.

Sharing is caring.

Beriyani Gam

i've been busy lately. really2 busy. so engrossed with work
anyway,  i'd like to share one of the nicest Nasi Beriyani Gam that Hub brought me.

it's located at Seksyen 13 Shah Alam the name of the restaurant is Pak Anjang Nasi Beriyani.

sedaappppppppp even Ayra enjoyed it. well, she practically eats everything we eat! lepas makan terus gam. zzzzzzzz
we planned to go to my Gramma's house after having lunch. but the Gam really2 made us sleepy.
so we had a nice nap instead.