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Fish Chowder

Having an active baby in the house is fun! but sadly her appetite is not as so. i have to think of her meals, when we're sending her to Nena's house.  Nena doesnt mind cooking for her but i dont want to trouble her doing so. i like her to have complete healthy meals. for her every meal, must have Veges, Protein, Carbs. it's a must. so, one of the latest recipe that i'd like to share: Fish Chowder. i followed the recipe from: but i did some alterations of course. so firstly, tumis yellow onions, sampai lembut. then add in potatoes that i've chopped into small pieces. add in paprika, pepper, salt and bay leaf.  at the same time, heat about 250ml of heavy cream. but not to boil. after the potatoes are tender and soft, add in fish cubes. (cut the fish into small cubes). add in the cream and stir. do not let it boil. i used the pemukul telur utk kacau so that the fish cubes become small pieces. as in chowderla. when a…

an unfortunate Monday

i arrived home early that Monday. ealier than Hub and Bambam. feeling so tired from fasting that day, i opened the door and entered the house. Ayra's diaper bag was on the floor. the content: diapers, baby wipes, powder were scattered on the carpet. "i thought i have kept it tidy yesterday? when did she make a mess? i think she was playing at the door before we left this morning. oh well.." i went to the kitchen to do what i do everyday when i get home: clean my breastpump parts and store the breastmilk into freezer. (im a proud bf mother!) a sound of a car pulling in the driveway could be heard. Hub and Ayra are home! then came in a little girl, walking towards her Mommy. and we hugged and kissed.. well, me hugging and kissing her.  then i headed on to the upper part of our house. needed to pray Asar. i opened the master bedroom's door. and there it was. all clothes lying on the floor. scattered. the chest drawers were pulled out with clothes hanging, the wardrobe…

RaoRing the New Year

Guess where we went for New Year holiday?
ta daaaaa!!! (finally a fully utilized Tuesday Holiday)

I, myself have not been here for ages!! i think the last time i went there was during high school time. with Simaa.
there were many changes since. i couldnt really recall how the Zoo looked like back then. reminiscing, i remember the fun part of us girls having fun.
i remember once, we- Dina, Simaa, Azza and  few friends went there with Dina's little sister.  it was raining cats and dogs.  we were all wet! what we did to keep Najwa (dina's sis) dry was we put her under the heater. the heater in the bathroom which u use to dry your hands. yup, that heater. it was funny. ha.. the good ol days of us having crazy fun times.. (i miss u all!!!)
so, this time, it is my turn to have all the fun with my  little angle. and our family! minus the crazy part, of course. ehem

we went with Hub's family. Mak and Ayah are in town for quite a while so they joined us in exploring Zoo Negara.