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happy tuesday holiday

i love tuesdays. (only lately) after the blue monday, holiday on tuesday is really welcomed. we planned for all sorts of things for this tuesday. like, going to sungai to play water. but after subuh, the beds seemed like a better idea. haha
in the end, the plan landed in typical shopping mall. but this time,  Ayra got to walk around by herself, while Mommy held the tali. we bought a safety harness for her. we bought the Butterfly Safety Harness from Mothercare. by BumbleBee she looks just so damn cute. she got so excited with her two little feet. she ran lari lari anak playing in the games area. i watched her all the time, afraid she might fall or some kid push her or step over her. haih... it is very2 worrying to let her play by herself. and she is becoming oh so active. i dont know about other parents.. but.. ayra can NEVER sit still especially during meal. if we dine in restaurant, we have to take turns eating and one of us have to watch over her. she cannot sit in ba…

Dream Rides

So this will be like a very random post. on cars.  like, what type of cars i would want at some point in my life. u know, like a dream. a mission to accomplish. hehe 1. i used to dream of having Porshe Cayyene. since my uncle has got one for himself, and it seems to be everywhere on the road nowadays, i changed the target to:
Porshe Panamera Turbo S.  having a porshe is like a success statement. i guess. it's overated i know. even Dad has a Carrera. which i think is a waste of money for such a small car. but then again, i have no clue what so ever on the specs and engines thingie. all i know i want something, big, high and fast. and Panamera looks yummy enough to me. haha 2. Audi Q5. make it Q7 if God wills. haha. yes. i love this car. super duper sleek looking.
such a beauty. like sooo stable and big. like i can cruise smoothly, while being confident on the road. and no one dares to bully me! yup, only those 2. but, note that.. i am satisfied with i drive now. *Rush* i wont c…

baby random 2

*working* Miss that cheeky little girl. she has been such a cheeky girl lately. adorable still. when we pray jemaah, she would tawaf around her Ayah. when we are reciting doa, she put her hand in a doa form and pray with us. then ameeen... then she salam us. seal it with a kiss. so cute! whatever i do to my Hub, she would follow. like, kiss. salam. she can walk more now. more stable. when we go out, she insisted on walking by herself. by herself! i am thinking of buying this already:

caught red handed

nothing attracts my little princess more than my very own little pink makeup bag.
whenever i open it,  she would stop doing whatever she's doing and come crawling as fast as she can to me.
i have these in my small pouch: small compact mirror 2 Clinique colored lipbalm Eyeliner Sunscreen Moisturiser Cleanser
of all the above,  she likes the lipbalm the best.
she would take off the cover and  put it into her mouth. both the cover and the balm. so, in order for my lipbalms to stay pretty,  i have to putar2 sampai stick masuk dalam.
lately she has gotten one step smarter. she poke her small yet chubby finger inside! and dig it out.
put it on her lips! and teeth, -_-
hayooo rosak sudah lipbalm ku. all crooked.
when i discovered her doing her makeup thingie, she grinned widely, showing her pink teeth and lips.
and how can i not laugh when i see that?? and not stay mad? very2 hard when she is being so cute and cheeky.
few of the pics taken. but these are not too bad. still lawa la…

random baby

that little cheeky bambam never fails to amaze me. i enjoy discovering new things with her.  about her. so delightful.
we watched Zalora advert on TV. the one where the girl opened the door and screamed. then the mailman screamed. then husband screamed.
when the advert habis, she looked at us and screamed. hahahhaha
she screamed and we laughed. so she kept on doing that so that we laugh everytime.
she can walk faster now. and more stable. but, in the attempt to walk steadily,  she still has the heart to copy what we do. when we are out jalan-jalan, she wanted to push her stroller. instead of sitting in it. i wish i can sit in it and she can push me instead!

recently also, i had her hair cut. her front hair. it was getting so long that i got into her eyes. we kept on delaying cos we wanted to cut it while she's asleep. but, to have that particular time is very difficult. either it slipped our mind, or we drifted together with her. so, one fine day,  i took out the scisso…

Deceptively delicious

I discovered bookxpres at Ampcorp Mall. Omg I love this bookstore. The books are sooo cheap.
Sangat rambang mata.
 Since Ayra lately mcm ssh nak makan..
And she doesnt like broccolli..
I thought I need to think of other creative way
of preparing her meal.

I bought 3 cookbooks on foods for kids. I have been looking for this book by Jerry Springfield`s wife for quite a while.
Ssh nk jmp.
If on9..mhl jugak..
Around almost 100.

In here I found it! They are very very cheap. Around RM25 each. I was likee... ok. Buy two!

And I bought Annabel Karmel`s too.

I am looking forward to try the recipes despite the limited time
I have..
I am determined to make time and put great in effort
in ensuring that my child has a good and healthy diet/ meal.

Cant wait to start!