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there she goes!

Ayra is being more and more adorable. she doesnt like to walk a lot. she prefers crawling, and i dont want to force her. let her be.
further more, studies show that babies who crawl have more brain development comparing to those  who skip crawling or crawl a while. so, yes, by letting her crawl as much as she wants  or as long as she wants, her brain will develop better, and more. smarter baby!
anyway, here is the video of her trying to walk:

Welcome Yasmin

one of my bestest friends, Dina has given  birth to this beautiful girl named Yasmin Athirah bt Abd Raiz.

she weighs 3.16kg. and she looks just like her Mummy.
Dina went through 2 days of labor pain. and finally,  on 29th November 2012, Yasmin decided to come out. and that was after 40 weeks plus 3 days.
which, is also the birth date of one of our bestest friend, Azza. guess, Yasmin wanted the same date as Aunt Azza.
November definitely is my Favorite Month. 16.11 Hub's Bday 24.11 Ayra's Bday 29.11 Azza's and Yasmin's Bday
and that also means it's the month that i am mostly Broke. heheheh
so, to Dina and Rye, congratulations! May she be anak yang solehah, Hamba Allah yang taat dan setia, the joy, the happiness and the cure.
Happy berpantang!

Bird Houses

We all grow up with the pepatah:
Sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit. Melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya. and so on.. (i cant recall)
so, in what ever aspect of our lives,
we ought to teach our kids  since they are young. through teachings and examples.
financially, we teach Ayra to menabung starting from the day she  was One Day old.
Mom made her this cute HouseMoney-Box:

we keep the money that she gets in there. when they are a lot, masuk Tabung Haji. what's left in there are mainly coins, especially the coins that Ayra's Ayah likes to sepah-sepah around the house. -__-
Mom also makes these BirdHouseMoney-Box:

nice right? really2 pretty. she made these herself.  with her own 2 hands. talk about handmade!
u can put coins into it.  and..never take them out. haha well, it is called money box. if u want to take it out, u have to keep it in a bank. ;) so, this bird house literally helps u save.
but, in case u do want to take them out,
can just open the glued-on roof and
put it o…

Color Splash Of Ayra's 1st Birthday

So I just had to have Ayra's 1st Birthday party didnt I.
i told Hub one fine day: ok. ive made a decision.  i am organizing Ayra's very first ever birthday party, and i am going to make it as pretty as i can. i am going to do it ala Martha Stewart! U dont have to do a thing. Just help me with hanging and banging things. the rest is on me.
and Hub agreed.
so my adventure of planning my baby's first every birthday party began. i was inspired by Sabrina's daughter 1st birthday party. it was so colorful. saw it on FB. and Zeti pun campur memberi galakan and sokongan. haha
i started googling and you-tubing for Martha's artsy deco. all do-it-yourself things. click on the link and u'll see how amazing they are.
it was very hard settling on a theme. but to make My life easy, i decided on colorful deco, thus, Color Splash.
this is the result:

please ignore the messy table. that was taken during the making. i made the pom-poms following the instructions on YouTube. It is so ea…

the birth of Ayra Nabeeha

A sharp pain through my tummy woke me at 5a.m. The pain that made u want to pass motion. Sort of. So I woke and went to the loo. Sat on the toilet bowl and tried to do what the nature does. The pain was like a wind going wild in your tummy . Kata lain, angin. Lain macam. It felt like a storm going wild in my tummy  But no matter how I tried to pass motion, nothing came out . Macam teran kluar angin. Tapi ada lg byk angin.
It is hard to describe. The pain came like every 5 minutes. I woke Hub. Told him about the pang in my tummy. 'Abang..I think this is's food poisoning..lets go to the hospital..' It was about 6.30am. We performed our Subuh. I sat on the bed while praying. At the same time  trying to hold in the pain. I hope Allah accepts my prayer that day. Only He knows how painful it was and how difficult it was to pray in such condition. Susah okeh!
We went trying to hold in the pain and trying to walk as fast as I could with that big tummy of mine. …

the story of me and maybank

i went to Ikea with Ayra and my cousin, Uui yesterday. to buy frames. finally, ada juga gambar Ayra!
so, when we were there i had to go to the Maybank ATM. literally zero in my purse.
i chose fast cash withdrawal. u know, where the amount is automatically published so u dont have to key in the amount. so i chose RM200.
when the money came out, i took them and press No for Receipt. i dont print receipt unless i want to know what's left. other wise i just check Maybank2u. i dont like printing something i dont really keep. it's a waste of papers. Membazir amalan syaitan..
the notes came out were RM100 and 5 orange-red colored bills. i saw 5. wait, 5? i thought i opted for 200. how come i only get 150?? i checked my transaction online as i dont have any receipt. yup, true, 200 was deducted from my account. so where is another 50??  is there something wrong with the machine? this has never happened to me.
i called Maybank straight away. telling them what happened and all. tons and…

Parenting style of parents of Al-Fatih

Raising Young Khalifah was amazing! i gained tons of knowledge and i am very grateful that i went there.
it was held in Tabung Haji, waaaaa. i have never been there. the dewan was so lawaaa ok! look at the stars! the change colors! and i am sooo kodi! haha

Hub and I went together, so it was really insightful for both of us. can keep reminding each other cos we are so forgetful lor!!

Jam was there too! made it so much fun!

the seminar started off with a performance by  Sham Kamikaze, Catt Ross and a guy whose name i didnt know.

the seminar was conducted by Amin from AlHijrah. i like him. sangat pandai bercakap and charismatic.

i am going to share with u about what i learnt. sharing is caring right??
 among the interesting topics covered are: Muhammad al Fatih by Ust Syaari. Pendidikan Islam kepada anak by Pn Hjh Sabariah Faridah Pembentukan Tauhid dlm anak by Ustazah Badariah Pembentukan Khalifah by Ust Hasrizal.
the first session was about Muhammad al-Fatih. it was presented by Usta…

Raising Young Khalifah

i am so excited!!!
i stumbled upon this while facebooking:

next Tuesday.
there will be my fav speakers such as
Dr Harlina, Amin from TV AlHijrah Ust Hasrizal.
and the topics! we really need those inputs!
1. Kenali Khalifah Unggul Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh - Ketahui Gaya Didikan Ibubapa Baginda. 
2. Berkongsi Pengalaman Sebenar Puan Hajah Sabariah Faridah Melahirkan Ratusan Khalifah Muda.
3. "Mama, Mana Allah?" – Tauhid, Asas Pembentukkan Hati.
4. Proses Pembentukkan Khalifah.
5. "Parent-Child Partnership" - Jalinan Emosi Dua Hala
6. Pendidikan Anak Dalam Islam.
7. Keperihatinan Ibu Bapa di Zaman Epal, Bukan Sekadar Buah.

8. Cabaran Membesarkan Khalifah Muda di Era Ladygaga.
9. Panduan Pemakanan Lazat, Berzat, Berkat.
10. Ketahui Agenda dan Fitnah Akhir Zaman.

Hub really likes Muhammad Al-Fateh, and i really need to know more about him despite  Hub telling me over and over again about the magnificent warrior.  He is such and inspiration to all mankind.
i want to be a parent who emphasizes…

walking sunshine

Bambam first took her steps on 4.11.12.
she was almost running. i kid u not.
Hub was playing with her. like Booh Booh. and pretended to chase her. she was leaning against the sofa and running. while holding the sofa.
then suddenly, when Hub booed her, she almost like running, without holding the sofa nor leaning  against it. 3 steps then fell.
then she stood again and ran 2 steps.
Proud Mommy!!!
now we can walk together, hand in hand..

she can manage around 20 steps.  then she opts for crawling.


i recently made a desert that i thought was difficult to make: Pavlova
i have egg whites leftover from making creme brulee (which is a very rich and creamy yolk with cream and sugar)
i followed the recipe from Joy Of Baking. they even have a video which makes it even easier to follow.
i am happy to announce that i made this!!

i didnt have strawberry. so i only used grapes and blueberries. and shaved chocolate.
today Hub asked for it again. so..isteri pun buatkan..
here, i would like to share on how to make

1. make sure all utensils are clean n free from water.

2. heat the oven at 130C
3. use only egg whites. i used 4.
4. then beat the egg white till it forms white peak. like soft peak.

5. then add in sugar a little at a time so that the sugar dissolves with each beating.
6. add in vanilla.

7. beat it till it form hard peak.  when u try to turn it around it doesnt fall off.
8. add in corn flour and vinegar. unfortunately i forgot these steps today. OMG!!! i hope it will turn …