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fun time!

i've always wanted for Ayra to minggle around and make friends.  she would get so excited to see other babies. i can say she is a friendly baby.
towards babies la. if adult..she knows who to follow and not.
because she went down wit illness for few days and couldnt get out of the house much, she became a bit anxious and cranky. sometimes babies pun nk amik angin!
so we decided to take her here:

dah lama nak bawa. finally we did!! she had fun time being free and play as much as she wanted  and meet new friends too!

insyaallah we will try a class for her later. once a week class where she can meet new friends and learn new things. i see that she learns faster by seeing what other babies  are doing.
like when we took her to the doc..and there was a  baby her age there. she was so active. pushing chairs. ayra watched her and she did the same. if mommy and ayah tunjuk sepuluh kali pun.. susah nak ikut.
so now..she actually pushes that walker thingie that can help her walk faster. she …

Campak Palsu, pls dont touch me again

when we woke up today, i found this all over her body, from head to toe.

it freaked me out. we were worried of dengue. with high fever and all. furthermore, her occipital lymph node is swollen (the lymph node at the back of the ear) this indicates infection.
but she didnt have any fever anymore since yesterday morning. a bit relieved. yet still worry for the rash.
so went to the nearest Paediatric clinic nearby.
the doctor confirmed it was Campak Palsu or Baby Measles or Roseola. caused by  HHV-6 virus.
she assured nothing to worry about. no need to slab on anything for her rash. it will disappear within 2-3 days.
i got back, put her to sleep and start googling. according to Mayo Clinic, it says: 'this generally mild infection is extremely common'.
according to, this disease, which also known as Sixth Disease, is characterized by high fever, followed by pink-red raised or flat rash. in Ayra's case, it's flat.
the rash appears when the fever abates. it usu…

salad time!

i have been craving for ceasar salad from Delicious. weird.
today i finally managed to indulge into it. went to SCM just for Delicious Ceasar Salad on the go. yup. satisfied.
*wide grin on face*
and i also bought salad dressing so i can make myself at home. weird. i am so not a salad person, but lately all i want to eat is salad. probably because we (azza, sima and i) have been talking  so much about food, deserts and salad.
i bought this:

it taste almost the same to the salad delicious serves on the side of the main course. definitely not the dressing for ceaser salad though. its dressing is thicker and heavier as it contains mayo. this Italian dressing is very light. mainly tomato, vinegar, lemon juice.  i will not end my search for the perfect Italian vinaigrette. something similar to the above but less acidity. this one is too acidic.
today Hub chose western theme for dinner. so, i made this:

along with Dina's recipe of  Seafood Creamy Pasta.

under the weather

Bambam is not feeling well. she has been having high fever on and off. luckily i am on leave for few days so i can be home and take care of her.
she is a day away from 11 months old. throughout this 11 months of living,  she rarely falls ill. im pretty sure this is her 2nd time being ill.
i like to think she benefits from being fully breastfed baby. all the antibodies that she's been getting. proud mommy!
she has been down with fever for 4 days now. on and off we tried PCM. it didnt work. we tried Brufen. she seemed better now.
i tried tepid sponging her but she took the towel and threw it. she did that even in her sleep. pfffft. so hard. how can mommy keep her temperature down??? we tried cooling her down by letting her play with water. but she didnt want to. well, she played. but only like 5 minutes. then she wanted out.
and she is so cranky and clingy. i understood her needs for manja-manja. i mean, when we fall sick, we like to be pampered dont we.
furthermore, she doesnt wan…

Dancing Fish

this restaurant has recently been added to one of my favorite restaurants in town. it's the Dancing Fish in Setia City Mall.
nope, not a fish shop as what i thought previously. nor it is a singing or dancing place. hehe
it is restaurant that offers malay-indo type of foods. the foods are great, very2 delicious and the staffs are very friendly and helpful. i should know!

They gave Ayra a plastic bowl and she kept throwing it off the table. and the staffs kept picking it up. (Ayra saja nak test the service there.. ;))

we ordered the set course. it came with these:
a bowl of rice- white rice mixed with spiced rice starfruit salad- a little bit spicy but very sedappp pucuk paku masak lemak a soup of carrot and potato the main lauk: daging masak kicap or BBQ chicken and sambal belacan. mmg terbaikkk

the barley drink is free-flow too.
which i think is great as it is a healthy choice.
compared to those restaurants that offer free flow of soda beverages.
not healthy.

we also ordered ABC…

sweet tooth

due to recently high level of stress, i am in need of superbly delicious dessert.
i cannot think of anything else other than Sima's fav dessert in Ben's KLCC. she shouldnt have posted these on her FB. or even bragged about it in while wassaping us.
all of us were disappointed that Bens BV doesnt have these:

-photos courtesy of Farah Simaa Azizan-
i might have to drag Hub to KLCC or Publika one of these days. this is an urgent matter.

Princess Thomas

when i go shopping, i always set a limit of spending to myself. plus 20% increment. ;) let say.. budget is rm100, i would search for something within rm100, but if none comes up to my liking, i add rm20 more to it. and i usually stick to it.
i am not really a spender when it comes to myself. well.. not all the time. it's a lie if i say i abide by it all the time!
(i can hear the close friends screaming: Hello!! did u forget the Miu Miu, miow miow whatever??)
however, this post is not about me going shopping. since i became a mother, my tolerance towards shopping for my daughter is.. very low. 
i dont mind if dont get to buy that Zara blouse for me.  but i do mind if dont buy it for my little princess.
i dont mind if i have to wear that same old sandal. but to see her wearing the same sandal all over really makes me buy 2 more new shoes for her!
i dont mind if dont get to use that organic shampoo for my hair. but i cannot tahan myself from buying Burt's Bee Shampoo and Wash for…

Girls' Day Out

We arranged for a ladies' day out sejak raya. it's very hard to find the time where we can just sit together and chat. monday to friday, of course working days. weekends are reserved for family. husband and child.  mother and father and grandmother. hardly any time for me to socialize anymore. Hub has his weekly time with his friends playing futsal. that leaves me really being a katak bawah kuali. and i miss my dear besties very much.
so, we took the liberty of planning ladies' day out.  too bad Jah and Dina are too far away.  otherwise, it would be chaotic.
we planned for a day off from work and went out for a date. the agenda:  chit chat the menu: main course and dessert.
we had so many choices of places to eat. since lately Ben's in on rave, we decided to have some there.
we went to Bangsar Village. (konon2 nak glamor la ni.:p) apparently Ben's in BV is not the same with Ben's in KLCC or Publika. Simaa, who has eaten in Ben's KLCC and Publika few times pr…

My Clarins

i asked my besties: any difference in my skin??
they said: your skin color is more even. the marks are fading away. clearer and cleaner looking.
having said that, i can say, yes! it actually works!
i was looking for something that can even out my skin color. something that can definitely rids off the acne marks, dark spots. something that can work on all that but doesn't cause break outs. and to control the oil too.
ever since i got pregnant until today, my skin was actually improving. it confirms the hormonal issue that i was having with the skin. hence, Acne. getting pregnant actually resolved my skin problem. haha
and i thank God that it stays that way, only occasional zit. which i dont complain, of course. (sangat bersyukur ni tau)
now back to the search. i read reviews after reviews on what product to use to get all the above effects. finally, i settled for:
Clarins White Plus Range

it contains plant extract but it is not organic. organic macam slow je pulak nk tunjuk effect. i c…

Turkish Delight 2

Our stock of Turkish Delight is running low.

less than 250g left after 500g of turkish delights are gone.
i like this nyet nyet honey coated candy. nyet nyet in your mouth, but still can be chewed easily.
unless you dont have any teeth.
apart from the delights, i miss these too:

a) this turk's way of breakfast. like! bread is a must for every meal. lentil soup is always the soup of the day.  i didnt know what lentil soup. (i knew it's a type of vege lah..) it tastes nice. so, im good. ayra too. the colorful plate consists of jam, nutella, eggs, fresh juicy tomatoes, crepe, olives and figs, many types of cheeses, honey, butter love it.

b) kebabs, kofte. which is meatballs. like the above picture. we had kebab for lunch and dinner. i thought i might get bored after few days. but i didn't. sedapnyer.. 
c) Sutlak is of course a must! like i mentioned previously. i made some today. from scratch. Hubby likes it. yeyyyyy

i didnt bake them. just chilled in the fridge so that it t…

new lines for the eyes

i bought an eyeliner from Sephora which i regret badly. it wasn't that expensive. that's a plus. the texture when it touches the eyelid is quite soft actually. that's a plus too.
but what turns me off is when i tried to sharpen it,  it cracked.
the coal just won't stick together and the ends became edgy and thus, it hurts the eyelid.
again, pfffffffft
now, i have a new love of the eye.

a bit pricey. duh. Chanel! what did i expect?
but i love it anyhow. the tip is soft. so it doesnt hurt i apply. i dont have to sharp it. just twist the bottom end.
even though it says Waterproof, it is easy to take off. i just use my normal gel cleanser, and it's offed. 
i just hope it can last a long time.  can pokai lorr if i keep buying it always.
rating: 4/5
ps: when will Chanel ask me to review their stuff la. this is so free marketing for them. ;)


i am working the night shift as i am writing this, (suprisingly blogspot is not blocked tonight!)
i hope this is the last night shift for me.
i am going to embark on a new journey soon, insyaallah.
i hope this path that i choose, will be the right one for me. it wasn't hard for me to choose, as my heart was never here to begin with. nevertheless, i hope the decision that i am making is the right one  and the better one for my family and I.
change is difficult. especially when you have been pulled into the comfort zone. i used the word pulled because it is something i didnt expect. the comfort-ness. the comfy chair that i am sitting on is now gulping me alive.  yet, luckily, i am still able to pull myself out.
no, dont get me wrong, being comfortable is never wrong. some people might like it. heck, they love it. the security. the stability. the soft cushion on their back.
but not me.
i need more. being too comfy is not too good. i need to challenge myself more. to know that i can …


i am clearing off my abundant cuti.  so yesterday and today were Mommy & Ayra Days!
we spent yesterday by having lunch with Atok at Curve. I bought for Ayra her Burt's Bee Shampoo and Wash as her Buds Organic Wash is running low. She has a bottle of Burt's kept at Nena's.  i like the smell, so bought that one instead. and it is more moisturizing to her skin compared to Buds. however.. the smell on her skin and hair comes with a pricey tag. fuhhhhhh (Ayra,i will claim it from you later when u have ur first gaji)
Maka perlula kite berjmat cermat dalam menggunakan sabun itu, Sayang.
going here and there definitely involves:  me driving ayra screaming
as usual, when i put her in her carseat, she would hesitate and cry. and as usual, i would ignore. but.. yesterday and today.. she did something really cute.
she fell asleep.  after being ignored my mommy.
what can i do? drive while holding her? she could steer the wheel, okay..  she has really strong grip! i tried that befo…

No More Running Up and Down

when i first had my driving license, i got so excited that i got crazy driving.  i would volunteer to drive people (family) here and there. i didn't mind the traffic, as long as i could drive.  the excitement of having the license. hehehe
i guess that is what Ayra is feeling right now. having a pair of legs that could bring her almost anywhere. even though only by Crawling. (i cant imagine if she starts to walk!)
i mentioned that she LOVES crawling up the stairs.  yup, she still does.  up and up and up. even though no one is upstairs. sangat pantang kalau ada yang naik ke atas. sure akan rush to go up as well. seriously, she would go rushing after. as fast as she could.  man, she could really go fast.
that leaves me and Hubby running wild after her. running up and take her down. who said i didn't do any exercise?? try having a crawling baby at home!
We finally bought that Gate thingie. there were many types. but we settled for a cheap one. hahaha. tapi takdela murah tau.. aro…

10 months and going

Ayra has a lot going on these days..
She turned 10 months recently in Istanbul. She is more and more active each days. Her parents are getting more tired as well. She is getting cleverer each days.

she could climb the stairs easily.  in less than 8minutes she could reach the second floor of the house. this also means Ayah and Mommy have new exercise in the house! picking Ayra up, away from the stairs, kitchen, toilet, anywhere possible.
we have to buy that Gate thingie! ASAP
we have been going back to my dad's house almost every weekend. other than bonding session, Ayra could play in the pool!
at first she would be scared of the water, but eventually she enjoys it so much!

Other than swimming almost every week,  we bought her this sleek looking new BMW Z8 car for our little princess!
Her cousin Syahmi has the i-dont-know-how many-series- . of cars.  but i think She can top it off any time! hehehe
Me in my new ride.