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Turkish Delight!

the last trip that we had was before i got pregnant, which was like 20 months ago.  it was Korea.
and this year, we initially planned for Umrah,  but Ayra is still too small and i couldn't leave nor bring her.
so, we settled for... Istanbul!
i managed to book early flights with MAS, so the price was considerably cheap. 
we went for 8 days including traveling days. the flight took 10 hours. time difference was 5 hours. istanbul was 5 hours later than malaysia
the trip consisted of me, hubby, Ayra and my mom. we didn't want to join tour group. we hate it. like school kids. and the time constrain. and the limited shopping times and places.
i did my homework on places to go and where to shop before going. when we were there, the map was our best friend. we learnt a lot about istanbul that way.

ayra was not too difficult to handle. she was a happy baby with smile that captured a lot of Turk's attention. some even offered her a ring for their sons! haha
i will write more on the…

open house zeti

Zeti had an open house last week.
the geng from the old office were there..

met friends that i haven't seen for a long time. especially.. Sab!!

we used to spent a lot of time talking when we were in Uni. talking our hearts out. trying to figure out this creature of Allah named Men why men are like this why men are like that tried to find love and wondering who our other half. hahaha.
she is still searching. or waiting. and i know she will find someone who worth all the wait. i know i did.

we only stayed for a couple of hours. had to rush home to get some beauty sleep before i went to oncall shift.
ayra didn't sleep well at all when i was working that night. crying most of the time. poor child it is heart breaking for me how i wish i dont have to work like this.

Welcome Miss Ovie

We have this 'hole' in our kitchen since we first had this kitchen cabinet built in.

it is meant for a built in oven, which i am in charge of buying. and because of that (me buying), i kept delaying the purchase. well, typical reason. no money. that bag first that baju first. that this, that that.
so, yesterday, i decided,  no more empty spaces! ayra likes it so much that sometimes she sits in it! with the old oven that my dear friends form Uni gave as my wedding gift (which i love soooooo much. i use it so frequently that i pity the oven for working so hard for me!)
Sunday, we are expecting a new family member: Miss Ovie

Welcome Ovie. You will love me and Ayra, as we will take good care of you. yes, you have to work hard. but you will have enough rest too. unless birthdays, raya, celebrations, baking moods, roasting mood come. don't worry!

an afternoon out

Had an afternoon date at Dome with Dad and Bro. Ayra joined us too. Bussiness talk.  (sounds serious)
She couldn't sit still in her carseat at all throughout the journey. at all. she made me restless. she refused to be buckled. she wanted to go out. she wanted to 'drive' with me. she was sleepy but she didn't want to sleep. so imagine her crankiness.
but she managed to pose this for me:

showing her tooth! (another one is coming out)
in the evening, Hubby and I went to search for her new stroller. her current Combi stroller is GREAT. very light. i can lift it with one hand and bukak. easy to maneuver. can put many things in the basket below. 

but as she grow up, she wants something yg lagi sedap to sit. this Combi is great for newborn. the sit up position is not really sitting position.  she wants something like a big girl.  hehehe
but we wanted something compact. the umbrella like. so we can bring it to cuti-cuti which is lagi 9 hari. 
brought Halford.
cheap. bought i…

Letter For My Baby (Part 1)

Quickie Girlie Raya

the BFF came to my crib today for raya.
we havent met for quite some time. usually we would have an iftar together during Ramadhan, but last month was kind of full and busy that we didn't get to see each other as planned. *sigh*
i was planning to prepare something last night' but the tiredness got the best of me and i fell asleep at 9pm. well, that was my sleeping time anyway. (so not a night person)
so, when we woke up today, i had no clue of what to make. luckily Simaa was bringing sambal sotong for nasi lemak. so i had to cook nasi lemak. the nasi only. not that difficult so it was ok. She came with sambal sotong, rendang and ikan bilis. how convenient for me as the host, yeah! ;) Azza on the other hand was supposed to bring boiled eggs and timun. but she came late so we ate the nasi lemak without the egg and timun. ( we couldnt wait for her anymore because i got hungry.)

when the 3 of us met, it would be kind of difficult to stop talking and depart. but time did not perm…

beyond total repair

My Iconia could not be recovered!
sent it to the Acer service centre and they gave me the bad news.

too sad that i cried.

it was a gift from Hubby for the labor. u know, like, hey i was going into labor so what's my present? hehe. he was so sweet to entertain his then pregnant wife, he got me a notebook since my laptop was very2 old. (9 years old!)
i was so sad because the sentimental values that came with it.i really love it. a lot.

and now it's gone.
beyond total repair. that's what they said.