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Literally Monday Blues

Back to work! and it ain't fun, people.
the week did not start too well. (actually not well at all.)


Blooper 1:
Woke up to heavy rain in the morning. oh so not in the mood of waking up!
but managed to pull myself out of bed.
how can i leave princess when we have been together for 10.5days all the times!love it!!

Blooper 2:
On the way to work, at the smart tag lane, tetiba there was this car masuk right in front of me. i was terkejut and break cepat2. but my car was like slipping probably because the road was slippery. there was screeching sound and my heart was pounding hard.
thank god i didnt crash into him! (assume it was a guy). STooooooopid fellow.
all my thing dropped onto the back car floor. All.

Blooper 3:
Arriving in front of the hospital, many people were at the junction, waiting for the light to turn green. usually a policeman will jaga the traffic. but probably he was still on raya holiday, so it didnt go smoothly. people were cutting lines like they have no sh…

An Evening at the Beach

today is another day in KT.  but today we filled it with awesome activities.
woke up early today to go to Faiezah's house.  she is staying in Kuala Berang with her husband and new son, Arief. it was the first time we visited them here, in terengganu. usually we just meet up in KL. 
Arief looked totally tembam-er than we first saw him few months ago.  way chubbier. and friendlier. he smiled and talked to us. well, baby talked. ayra was interested in his cheeks. so do i! see this:
who wouldn't ait?
we stayed there, catching up on motherhood, babyhood, fatherhood around 2 hours, then went home.. ayra was tired. the traffic was not too good. school holidays in KT is never good okay.
then later on in the evening, where the sun is shy, and the clouds are generous, we decided to play kites by the beach. yeay!!! now isn't that fun! sudah lama saya tak main layang-layang. ages!!! we went to Pantai Batu Buruk.  Ayra bought an Octopus kite. an octopus flying in the sky y'all! at…

Our Raya days in Terengganu

My usual days of raya would consist of TV, eating, and TV again.  that was before marriage.
Now, it is different. it consists of visiting, traveling, eating, tv, and baby.
when i was single, raya used to be quite monotonous. unless the family decided they wanted some 'drama melayu di aidilfitri'. which is something i rather not talk about. (it brings bad memories) what we did was.. went to Gramma's house, main mercun and bunga api, chilling, eating as much as we can, lepaking in front of the tv, wait for someone to come, more tv then got bored.  then out for Baskin Robbin, eat again, then back to work. i had no place to go. friends were all in their kampungs. and too bad for me, my kampung is in the city.  mom's side is in Kedah but we rarely go back. Mom doesn't like the traffic, so end up going back there during non-peak season. and we hate traveling so far.
when i got married, it changed obviously. but married to a person from far far away, that made a HUGE c…

Selamat Hari Raya 2012

Selamat Hari Raya!!!  Maaf Zahir & Batin
2012 is the first raya for Ayra. She has so many raya dresses and baju kurung courtesy of Atok, Nena and Anny. 
unfortunately mommy only has 2 baju kurungs.  too bad!
we went for raya prayer Shah Alam Mosque.  Ayra was being very friendly with others. she is no longer scared of people. but i noticed she wouldn't go too far from me. she likes children more than adults. if adults hold her or pick her up, she would cry. children fascinate her more.  she would touch their nose, eyes, cheeks.. exploring the cuteness of others. hehehe
back to raya, our raya theme color is Turquoise. i wanted other color but hubby didnt want to buy any. he said he has so many baju melayu and he doesn't want to buy another just for first day of raya. ok fair enough. we decided to repeat his stack of baju melayu until he ran out of color before we buy a new one.  hence the turquoise. my mom made me and Ayra the baju. mine is just a simple kurung which has …

Iftar at SDCC

As previous years, we had a family iftar in Sime Darby Convention Centre in Mont Kiara..  it is a buffet styled dinner with varieties of food, from malay to western.  it's Dad's place of family buka puasa every year. and we are happy to usual... hehehe
Halia (the name of restaurant in SDCC) has always been one of my fav restaurant. it has the best food and yummmy. however, i am quite dissappointed in the food quality that they bring during this Ramadhan. some of the dishes were great, whereas some were quite distasteful. i hope they can maintain the quality. if we go there masa bukan bulan puasa, the foods were great u know. so.. mungkin juga sbb diorg puasa.. heheh
Ayra had a lot to eat last night. 
2 more Ramadhan days to go before Raya. i have sooo many things to do!

28 is the number this year

14th August 2012
i turned 28 today.

i feel old. but then again, how does 28 feels like?
at times i dont think im ready to be 28. i feel like i just graduated from Uni. and life just begun. 
in a blink of an eye, here i am. years later. married to a wonderful human being. blessed with such a lovely daughter. those are joys and love of my life. I'm blessed. so much blessed.
so, 28 is great. i guess. i am here, writing.  next to my daughter and husband who are all asleep.  (hubby fell asleep at 8.30pm!) blessed. at 28, i can say, i'm blessed and grateful to Allah swt.
i have everything that i need, even though not necessarily that i want.  a loving, understanding, caring partner, a joyful daughter, a home, healthy parents, a job (even though not so much of interest), close friends, childhood friends, a car, some savings, handbags that i want (even though not all that i want i have), clothes, good food, good family, good friends. 
not everybody can have what i have.  just look at…

Mummy's new toy

Hubby bought a new food processor to replace the scruffy old blender. he's too nice. hehe
My new toy in the kitchen...
it will be easier to make Ayra's food. and faster. not only that, i can use it to make cake, cookies, hummus, blended chicken, ice blended, etc. 
im so excited.

ps: this is not my birthday prezent. hahaha

Setia City break

We had our break fast in Setia City Mall.
the park was really2 nice.
Dining In The Park, it says.
we've been to this mall countless times but we never really went to enjoy the park situated outside of the mall. 
we were looking for Pho Hoa and when we were there, we were awed by the green scenery of the park.  it was a round field. clean green grass. people were flying kites. kids were running around. families were hanging around, enjoying the view.
ayra and me enjoyed it too..


Muslimah Hair Salon. i Like!

ever since i got married, i have never got my hair cut by other than my husband. he doesn't let me go to sebarangan salon unless the salon only has female workers and no men are allowed in. i totally respect his wishes. because this is the right thing to do. he is protecting my honor and loyalty as Allah's servant. 
and because of that, i had been having no-so-great hair styles. sorry dear.. haha..  he said he doesn't mind the way i look and what not. but i do mind how i look in front of my own husband! because he is the only one that can see me totally, every little thing matters. what i look like, what i wear, etc . even he said he doesn't mind, i do. A LOT!
so, imagine my delight  when i discovered this muslimah salon in Shah Alam. Iris Salon & Spa.  located in Seksyen 7, near the tasik.
when i stepped into salon, i was already impressed.  the salon looked really nice.  dimmed light, zikir sounds, sophisticated interior, and most of all, friendly owner and styl…

little missy

Once upon a day, in a small house, lives Ayah, Mummy and Little Missy. Little Missy was bored, she kept on bugging Mummy and Ayah to play.  however, they had house chores to do and so left Little Missy alone.
after some time, Little Missy grew tired of her toys, she decided to go to her Pinky Toy Box and left all toys scattered in front of the tv.
Ayah picked up all her blocks and put them into its small case, near the clothes that have been folded.  seeing that, Little Missy felt something amiss.  she knew it was her duty to mess them up. 

and so she crawled so fast, knocking over the stacks of clothes, and dug into the small case. oh yes, she opened it up, and took each blocks out. one by one. throwing them out happily, as if she has done her duty.

Little Missy also felt like the neatly folded clothes were too nice, so she decided to crawl on them instead. it was so much fun that crawling at the empty spaces surrounding them. neat things are meant to be scattered.
it's a cau…

Samakh Harrah

I have been following this one cooking show on TV AL-Hijrah.   5.30pm everyday. Hidangan Barakah by a Jordanian Chef, Chef Ammar. he is such a funny guy. he could speak malay, english and arabic of course. but he speaks malay in penang slang. which makes it even funnier.  he makes Mediterranean food easy. at least, they look easy. 
and so i decided to give a try. 
one of the many recipes that he shares:
Samakh Harrah (Spicy Fish with Garden Vegetables served with Malaysian Steam White Rice)
i used siakap instead of red snapper. ikan merah mahal gilers okehhh.  i used two siakap. for buka puasa with me, Hubby, My Mom and Brother..
and the result is..

there were few changes i made.. but only a little. because i didnt have certain ingredients.  like paprika. which i ganti with cili boh. 
below is the recipe i took from Hidangan Barakah FB:
Stuffing the Whole Fish inside out side
1- Whole Red Snapper 1 Number 2Kilo +-
2- Tomato Fresh 6 Big Numbers
3- Clean Onion smal…

Burt's Bee

Uncle Aeid was being so thoughtful of Ayra, he bought this: it smells soo good. she ends up smelling like honey all day and lasted until the next morning! it is really gentle and organic. no what so ever harmful chemicals.  i likeeeeeee...
apart from Buds Organic, i think Burt's Bee is also very2 good. but it is even more pricey than Buds.  we'll see how long one bottle can last.
i've seen the sunblock from Burt's bee. very costly for such a small bottle.  probably Uncle Aeid would be sooo generous and buy it too??? *Ayra bats eyelashes*

little friend

Ayra's tooth is coming out and she is sooo cranky.  She puts everything in her mouth and bites everything that  she can.
 there, you see. she's having a taste of my Maher Zain. oh my.. sian Maher Zain mummy.. sob sob.. 
wish i could show u her little tooth. so cute!! but she refused to open her mouth.
on Friday, we went for break fast in Gombak. MIL and FIL were in KL for a short while. so we decided to join them for break fasting. 

this is Ayra and her 6 months older cousin, Syahmi. He can walk now, and he likes to tease Ayra. whatever that Ayra is holding, he would want it too. kids! 
Ayra can be so clingy whenever i'm around. she likes to be with me all the time. and that is very tiring for me. but when she was with her 'peer', she was actually having fun, despite being bullied by her older cousin. she actually did not mind at all if i was not around! the feeling of watching your own kid being.. hm.. how should i put it.. i dont think i can lea…