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Oil and vinegar

i finally found a Halal BalsamicVinegar!

i went to Setia City Mall to buy a broccoli to make fish and mashed potato with broccoli and tomato on the side, for buka puasa. whilst there, i strolled along the alley of vinegar and sauces.

Hubby and i have been looking for balsamic vinegar, to eat with bread and olive oil. the Italian style. or more correct, Rasulullah saw style.. yes, our beloved Prophet saw likes to eat bread with olive oil and vinegar. but the practice is more familiar among the Italians compared to the muslims in Malaysia. Rasulullah saw actually likes vinegar. there are many hadith that say this about him. i don't remember the exact phrase.. sorry..

we didn't know the type of vinegar used, but seeing the italians eat bread with balsamic, we guess it makes more sense than eating synthetic cooking vinegar! and also, balsamic is the only black vinegar that we know.

we managed to find balsamic before this but looking at the back of the bottle, the content said: g…

toothing weekend

It was a long weekend. tiring weekend. Ayra was kind of cranky. why??

Her tooth is coming out!!!!! yup, finally! long awaited agony. hahaha

still couldn't see the tooth clearly actually. i could only feel it. like a sharp point coming out from the gum. definitely. and she would rub things against her gum.

i hope she doesn't get any fever. the crankiness should suffice.

her crankiness wore Hubby and I out. with all the house chores and laundries and cooking and breastfeeding, i was like a low-bat unproductive being. going so low and so slow. i wanted to rest more but she wanted to be with me all the time. when i was out of her sight, she cried. she wanted us to sit around her and play. give our full undivided attention to her. unfortunately, i had a lot to do. the laundries are not gonna fold magically. and we dont have any canggih machine that can do all laundries together. (can someone create a machine that can iron and fold the clothes? i would be the first to buy, y'a…

Ayra's Solid food

hello peeps.. feels like telling u about Ayra's solid food preparation that i meant to share before..

well, Ayra has been on solid foo since she was 5 and half month. We decided to start her on solid because the signs that she was ready were there.
1. she would be hungry more than usual
2. she could sit straight with support (with our help)
3. she would stare hard at what we were eating and wanted it so badly. If I was holding her while eating, she would grab my hand so that she can have a bite.
4. She had more frequent night feeding. Woke me up even more. And I would be like a zombie in the morning to work.
Alas, after much reading and input from fellow breastfeeding mothers, we started her on solid.

I made a point not to start her on those instant cereals in the box and tin and whatnot. I wanted to give her the most fresh food and cooked meal daily. I knew it would suck the energy out of me with double cooking load, and breast feeding and working and lipat baju …

sunscreen or sunblock

Ramadhan, we meet again..

Ramadhan is a day away. we are all blessed that we are still able to meet the sacred month.

last Ramadhan, i had a fetus growing inside of me.

and this Ramadhan, insyaallah, i have a daughter with me.

last Ramadhan, i didnt get to puasa penuh because pregnancy got the best of me. i even took almost a month off work just to be at home, so i can rest and fast. i managed to fast most of the days. actually, almost full.only 2 days off. i was in the second trimester and my morning (allday) sickness didnt go away. however, i managed to puasa almost a month.  so, i am grateful. i have ganti puasa on the third trimester, when confirmed that the sickness has stopped. alhamdulillah...

so..hopefully, this Fasting month, i can puasa penuh while breastfeeding successfully. im not really worried about the stocks as to date, i still have around 700oz of breastmilk stashed in deep freezer. that equals to around 230 times of feeding.
my concern is more on the hypoglycemic effect of fasting AND breastf…

i like.,.

Hubby is back!! after 3 looong days of separation... (gediks, i know!)

he had to go away for kursus that he is not even in charge of. but then again, it's the gov. biasala. that typical kursus2 thingie. the wife and daughter would have followed if not because the wife had teachings and what not to do. haih...  really multitasking la this worker. ajar student from unis. im so good. just hope i dont teach ajaran sesat. kehkehkeh

that 3 days, Ayra and I stayed in Nena's house. ayra was such a good girl. no crying. no clinging too much. she seemed to be so well mannered when she's at Nena's house. unlike when she is with her parents back at home! she would go all clingy and needy. especially with her dearest Mommy. and...because of that.. i cannot do a lot of stuff. i have to wait when she's asleep to do what i need to do.

lately she is becoming more and more clingy towards me. when i had to work at night, (10pm till next morning), she would throw tantrum …

the lucky one

i have never won anything gempak in my life. ever. im not so lucky like those u see winning this and that. i think these luck things just dont go my way..

however.. yesterday... i got a call...

a courier service. they wanted to make sure someone is home to receive something from Maybank. they were sending it to mom's address. so, yeah sure,send it over i said.

in my head, i was like..courier? did i buy something online that i forget? i thought i have gotten everything. im an online shopper. thank god not a addicted shopper. it's from maybank? kena saman ker? adoi...ada hutang x byr ker..i was worried.

called mom straight away to know what it is. mom opened it up. read it. bla bla bla bla yada yada yada..rm1000 into your maybank account. something to do with shopping using maybank debit card, which is what i do every time im paying. i dont use a lot of cash cos i want the treat points.

so...that's it.if this true, then i am expecting rm1k anytime soon. i think around next w…

sweetness banned

today was Ayra's check up at Ppum..follow up for her heart condition.. she was diagnosed with a hole in her septal wall,or arterial septal defect.. and the pressure gradient on her aortic vessel was quite higher than normal...or what is called aortic stenosis.. it wasnt bad or anything, but it was something to be alarmed about. we've had our share of tears and nightmares, but Alhamdulillah all is well..

we requested to be reffered to Ppum as they have the best peadiatric cardiologist there and our status as a government servant entitled her to be fully covered financially. if let say anything worse should happen, we are ok.

so.. again, aalhamdulillah.. upon the first few check ups there, it was confirmed that she doing well. the hole has closed. it was most probably not even a hole, but a Patent Foramen Ovale. now it is closed..but still have to monitor the gradient. the last time checked, the pressure reading went down a lot.

today basically was to see her development.. she i…


no bake Oreo Cheesecake

i have this version of Oreo Cheesecake few times before this.  but the ingredient changes every time. this is what we call testing. heheh. albeit, they all turned out GREAT. applaud!! hehehe

recently, i made again the oreo cheesecake. no bake. i was too lazy to bake.

1 and 1/2 of cream cheese. i used Tartura.
i tub of Sour cream. the small one.
1 and 1/2 cup of castor sugar. or powdered sugar. (just blend the granulated sugar)
1 teaspoon of gelatin powder
digestive biscuits..about 9-10pieces
melted butter around 1/2 cup

firstly, crush the digestive biscuits.add in melted butter bit by bit while mixing it with the crushed biscuits. add in butter until u can get a texture of biscuit mcm...boleh dikepam and tak senang kecai. becos u will layer the biscuits to make the crust. so, u dont want an easily crumble crust. but not hard either.
layer the biscuit on a pan. that can bukak tepi. press it firmly. then cool it about half and hour in the fridge.

while waiting, beat the sour cream, crea…

my pink note

it was a tiring weekend. unfortunately for me, i had to work on Sunday. the ward supply. i managed to settle everything within 12pm, so yeahh i actually went home to my sweeties on time! according to hubby, Bambam was throwing tantrum all morning. probably she was looking for her Mommy. she cried so loud that her voice became hoarse. like she had been screaming in the concert! poor baby.. what to do..mommy had to work.. it's a duty Mommy has to fulfill.. too bad.. later on, when we are rich, mommy will not work, and stay home and take care of u instead. *dreaming mode*

anyway, referring to the title above, yes, i am here to say excitedly that i am now owning a new phone. i am so excited, mind you. the last time i actually had an up-to-date phone was like 2 years ago.  after my last HTC phone broke down, i changed to a simple Nokia phone. according to hubby, i am the last person on earth to use nokia. i beg to differ. his friend is still using it. haha. so funny.

i had been eyeing …

cheesecake & crawling

it's Friday!

always the favorite day.

Albeit, the happiness will not last. have to work half day on Sunday. bo-hooo.

anyway, one good news. Dina insyaallah is expecting a baby Girl! i had a feeling she would have a girl.hehehe. hopefully everything will go well for her.. amin..

i made an Oreo cheesecake after dinner today. it's been quite a while since my last baking seasons. usually i would make a dessert that can last us a week. i like the fact that when im home, after a longggg tiring working the fridge to find..wahllaaa. a cheesecake. really makes u forget your tiring day.

last week i made sagu gula melaka. still have 2 bekas of those in the fridge. but today, i just had to add in the oreo into the fridge list. so, there it is, sitting in the fridge, settling down,and waiting for us to have a bite tomorrow.

picture will be posted soon.

btw, Ayra is crawling faster each day. and she is now in the stage of picking herself up. she fell down quite few times. bumped …

Our 2nd Anniversary

3rd July 2012

Our second anniversary. i thank Allah for giving me the chance to be in this wonderful marriage. to have met Hubby and be his wife. to be blessed with such wonderful daughter.

it was a working day, but we took off in the evening. to celebrate our anniversary. we didnt do anything extravagant. just a simple day out to Setia City Mall for a lunch date and a movie date.

we had lunch in TGIF. just the two of us. it was weird not having Bambam around. it felt quiet without her.
after a full lunch of steak (quite satisfying but ive had better..), we went for a movie. there weren't anything nice to watch. well, actually we wanted to watch Snow white and the Huntsmen, or Battleship..or Avengers..i outdated.. haha.. we just didnt have the time to watch them! it was all about that kiddo.. we rather spend our limited time with her than watching a movie. anyhow, yesterday was a movie date after quite a while. among all the listed (and limited shows) available then, we d…

of cold and fever

have not been feeling well. so sudden. it started with sore throat then a flu. i thought it was nothing. managed to pull myself up every morning and lead a normal life.

too bad for last night. i infected ayra with my symptoms! she had fever in the middle of the night. i tried to stay away from her but she wanted her Mommy near. she likes to cuddle with me when she's going to sleep and like to bf when im around. so.. probably that's how she got it.

hubby and me could not sleep well. after giving her Paracetamol which she did not take full amount, we tepid sponged her head and body. she was not sleeping well either. merengek sbb demam.. i felt so bad. like i gave her the disease. im so sorry..

so today, took 2 hours off in the morning. still had to go to work cos there was a deadline of statistic submission that i have to submit. really2 crappy. it was so crappy that i cried. my face and body were hurting, yet i had to settle everything fast. konon rajin. huhu..

now both of us a…

Baby Arief

baby Arief is a month today. Simaa and us family went to see Jah and baby Arief today. unfortunately i couldnt kiss him as i am a lil bit under the weather. sok sek sok sek

isnt he cute? no. he's handsome. look at that nose. so mancung. he's a copycat of the father. and a lil bit of Jah. but then again Jah and Azamani both look alike. so Arief looks like them definitely. so handsome! a very handsome looking baby..

Ayra brought him an owl teddy and a matching owl blanket. Ayra's Nena made them. Ayra has one too. so she would like Arief to have them too. and promote them to the world. hehehe. Nena is currently busy with her line KasihLarissa which carries baby clothes, blankets, teddies, etc. she sews them all on her own. so when Ayra stays with Nena during the day, she helps Nena with her works too. (yeah rite Ayra) she has a blogsite for it which i will link to when it is done..

Arief was a very good boy. he only cried when he was hungry. he was comfy sitting queitly in A…

Durian Oh Durian

i think the last time that i had durian was... during 1st or 2nd trimester of my pregnancy. only a slice. cos folks say it's not good for the womb and the fetus. but at that moment i didnt really mind cos i was not a really big diehard fan of durian. i like durian, but not too much.

recently, post pregnancy, i find myself thinking about durian, almost craving for durian. seeing them in market and on the road make me drool. i didnt buy any cos not musim durian right now. so probably those on the road might not be too sedap. i guess.

yesterday, when we were at Papa's i entered his house, i smelt something familiar. very2 yummy smell. i went straight to kitchen and without shame, invited myself to have those delicious looking 'ulases' of durian in the tupperware. it was a small case. then Papa brought out a bigger one, and i indulged in that even more! i think i had 12 ulas of durian in less than 30mins. i could not stop myself! the taste was like an  addictio…

dull, tired, lifeless..

My skin is dull and i look tired all time. yes, i do feel tired almost all the time, now that i am a Mommy. so, i decided to pamper my skin again, like old times:--->before i got pregnant. i used adhere religiously to skin regimen. the double cleanse, the toner, scrub and mask and what not. however, pregnancy brought out the lazy part of me in taking care of my skin. i was lucky enough not to experience massive pizza break outs when i was pregnant. my face cleared out. i didnt have acne despite not putting anything except sunblock and facial cleanser. the hormones. they work wonders. :D

 like i said..look dull.and tired. what to do??

so, managed to convince hubby to go to Sephora KLCC about a month ago.

 i knew i wanted something organic whitening products and eye creams that could wipe out that dark circle...and few other items. the salesperson recommended me the Skin Nutrition Complexion Revitalizing Complex.

 the claimed benefit:

"Skin Nutrition Complexion Revitalizing Ser…